Let them eat… Delicious Exile Cake Hair

Mmmm.. delicious Exile Gacha cake hair comes in 8 dessert colors and is $30L per play. The hair is no copy/transfer so you can collect them all and give away a few extra to friends 🙂

I just love this style, and I think the two-two colors are so yummy!

Exile Gacha Cake – peaches n cream | redvelvet | strawberry | tutti fruitti

Exile Gacha Cake – blackforest | caramel fudge | chocolate vanilla | cookies n cream

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What I’m Wearing:

Exile Sweets/strawberry shortcake
Laqroki – Nellie 01 (Fair) Glow Skin
WTW – nugikake lingerie pink
BOOM – What’s Your Damage? tattoo

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  1. I thought the lingerie could be interesting to have, but I’ve had no luck finding WTW or ‘nugikake’ either inworld or on the marketplace… Do they still exist…?

  2. Hi GoGo,, Do you happen to know how to turn off ALL scripted and nearby local lights on the Second Life 2.2.0 viewer? I’m new to using 2.0 at all,,, and now all these betas are so confusing for me! tysm 😀 <3 LoLli

  3. Unfortunatly the hairs are no longer for sale. They were made for the anniversary of the brand but are not sold anymore 🙁

      • I cross my fingers. I was so dissapointed when Kavar told me they were not for sale anymore.

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