Unique Megastore – Jessyca Skin

Unique Megastore - Jessyca

Jessyca is the newest skin from Unique Megastore, and it is even cuter than the last. I think this face is so cute and young, and adorable!! I think the lips are just plump and juicy with just the right touch of lipgloss.

Unique Megastore -Jessyca

Unique Megastore -Jessyca

Unique Megastore -Jessyca

This Jessyca skin has 12 makeups, sexy breasts option, hair base and a few open mouth skins (with teeth) skins.

Summer may be over, but a tan healthy glow is always in! If you want Jessyca, visit Unique Megastore.

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  1. Your shape works so well with this skin, it makes me want to run out and buy both at the drop of a hat! Also, in response to your poll, I agree! You should say what you really think about the product you are reviewing. Any designer worth their salt should take it as constructive criticism and your opinion. If they don’t agree, they should at least think it is valid and move on. If they do agree, they’ll be able to fix the problem or make sure in the next design they don’t repeat their mistakes.

    Last! I’ve added your site to my blog roll, I hope you do not mind, and would be ecstatic if you find my worthy of adding to yours. Thanks again for your blog and insight.

  2. Thanks a lot for making me spend 1k AGAIN sheesh!

    (Great hair! Thanks for posting it.)

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