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Bella di Notte, Rosi Skins

Bella di Notte

A few days ago I wore a Rosi skin group gift from Bella di Notte, and now the full line has finally been released!!

Bella di Notte

Bella di Notte

The new Bella di Notte skins has 6 lipstick choices, light and dark brows, 12 Eye-makeups (sold separately), Blush, Freckles, and Cleavage (all are on the tattoo layer). I really like that more skin designers are making use of the tattoo layer to allow us to create our own look.

I really like these shadows (tattoo) because they’re transparent and can work with other skins much more easily than lipstick on a tattoo layer.

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Friday – Sasha | Fiona (Thoughtful Brown)

These two new hairstyles from Friday are available at Hair Fair! Be sure to check out the third hairstyle while you’re there; some proceeds of that style is donated to charity.

What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Sasha, Fiona
Bella di Notte – Rosi skins (all)
Reek – Daily Hoodie (Pink) Asthmatic Dept.

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  1. JenniferD

    Love the brows on this one!!

    Curious, is it me or is the 6th photo of the “red lips” a bit fuzzy? Maybe you weren’t completely rezzed or something.

  2. Marianne Little

    Wait… are all those lipsticks are on tattoo layer? Do you get them all when you buy one skin? Or is it the eye-makeup that’s on tattoo layer? The lips here look really soft, the one in the top middle is my favourite. 🙂

    • Gogo

      hi Marianne! There are 6 lipsticks to choose from, and have to buy the makeup tattoos separately 🙂

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