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Elikatira hair


Elikapeka Tiramisu needs no introduction, especially amongst older SL residents. Elikatira is the new brand and you can find the hairstyles exclusively on SL Marketplace for now.

Welcome back Elika!

Ok, this is where I should stop typing, but I’ll type it anyways. Elika is back, but was she ever gone? Many people (myself included) speculated that she was Parvarti Monday, one of the talented creators behind brand. Having been a fan of ETD,, and now Elikatira too; I will say that I think they have the same “feel” — so I think speculation may be true but this is neither confirmed or denied when I asked Elika about it. Of course, this is not important but it’s still interesting if you want to know why is phasing out hair releases, according to their blog.

Enough of my rambling, I’m sure you want to see the new hairs, so here they are:


elikatira – Rumor| Rumor 2 | Fresh (in Blonde 05)

The Rumor style includes two different bangs versions and the Fresh style has color-changeable hair ties! So cute!


What I’m Wearing:

elikatira – Rumor 2 (Blonde 05)
deviousMind – 50sPinUp (Cherry)
Laqroki – Pearl 07 (Fair) Glow Skin

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  1. Trinetty Skytower

    WOooooooOOoooT!! This is fabulous news about Elika’s “return”! I was in serious depression when I thought she had left SL…. Thanks for the info and sneak peek on her great new line!

  2. dawnde lane

    < is peeing her pants with excitement!!!!!!!! wahoooooo good bye lindens hello, hello yummy hair

  3. Mairead Fitzgerald

    You so remind me of a young Mae West in the top pic. “purr” “Come up and see me sometime.” *purr” No not me, just the line she has. LOL

  4. Aemeth

    Oh, awesome! I love when hair textures across various brands remain consistent anyway.

  5. Victoria MacFanatic

    wow I love the hairline on fresh. its amazing, must hair lines are non-existant or really rough but that one looks wow…I’mma go demo that asap ^^

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