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Eyes are the window to the soul

My readers deserve an explanation?? I thought you said I was a shitty blogger. Guess what? Shitty bloggers don’t have to credit their eyes if they don’t want to. Shitty bloggers share what they want, when they want to, and shitty bloggers are not obligated to share what they want to keep to themselves. When my favorite eyes brand(s) move to Juicy sim, I promise to do a mega blogpost about it. Until then… this shitty blogger is keeping this info to herself.

Why don’t you find a professional unshitty blogger and start reading them instead? Peace out.

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  1. Soleil S.

    Yay, I got my own post.

    Its sort of sad that businesses on SL have to pay you (land fees & whatnot) in order for you to give them the credit that they deserve AND people are constantly asking you for.


    But I guess it’s your shitty blog, right?

    • Gogo

      I’ve already addressed you numerous times, “SOLEIL”, and you insist on leaving me novel-length comments insulting me.

      Businesses do not have to pay me, you can ask the hundreds of brands I have featured over the past three years. However, it is also my free will to credit them and also my free will to not credit anything I don’t wish to share.

      We bloggers are NOT paid, we’re simply here doing what we feel like doing. If I enter your home and demand that you do things a certain way, how would you feel? My blog is MY home. I pay for the hosting, you’re a guest. Be respectful. If you don’t, I am forced to ban your IP from commenting on this site (and it will be a first) as most pushy people like yourselves tend to take the hint after a few polite responses.

      • Gogo

        Also, spamming my site with comments doesn’t hurt me in any way. Just so you know.. the more hits I get, the better it is for advertisers. So I don’t mind that you’re leaving me dozens of comments a day, but I DO mind that you seem a lil obsessive, and that’s not healthy.

      • Soleil S.

        I am aware you feature brands daily that are not on your sim. So why hold out on this one? Selfishness. Oh well. It really isn’t about the eyes anymore, it is the way you’ve handled this situation.

        And you pretty much are getting paid – by people who purchase ads on this site, and pay for land on your sim. Sooo. Yeah.

        Please IP ban me. I’m done here. And if I ever feel compelled to call you out on being a baby in the future, it isn’t hard to change an IP.


        • Gogo

          Obsessive much?

        • Lashy

          Soleil, your “calling out” is a joke. Just becuz people call themselves designers doesn’t mean they’re entitled to customers. Nor are they entitled to have their product pimped in every other post a blogger makes. Are you a designer yourself? If you are, do you nag everyone to make sure you’re mentioned? Cuz by the standards you’re imposing on this blog, this is what you expect.

          Do your damn research. Search “EYES” on this blog and you will find several entries (less than 10 most likely). TP to all of them. FIGURE IT OUT. And if you can’t, you have a plethora of good eye stores to find a pair that suits you. Anyone can do this. Why should anyone spoon feed it to you?

          It disgusts me that you think you’re justified in this “crusade.” The public you so vehemently are speaking up can friggin read and look things up for themselves. I’d hate to think every person who wants to know what you know is this lazy and bratty for a pair of damn eyes.

          But I have a feeling you just did this for attention anyway, no matter how sarcastic or blase you try to play it off. You assume way too much, including thinking you’re clever. Next time, take a bath and cry it out on the couch. Whatever you’re going through, don’t take it out on other people.

    • Ann Launay

      Delusions of entitlement much?

      Gogo gives plenty of content creators what amounts to free advertising…if she doesn’t feel like blogging certain aspects of her av, that’s her right.

  2. mitzy Burns

    Do not understand why Gogo is constantly dogged by these saddos! How much time and energy did this person waste just to have a dig. Hilarious!
    Being a slave to a blog is probably the saddest thing of all.

    Furthermore, what’s wrong with going in-world and finding these items for yourself?! Such a buzz when you discover something for yourself n’est pas?

    Those who neurotically subscribe only to what bloggers are crediting are truly missing the point. Spend more time in SL and stop relying on others to do it for you, you lazy Avis….

    Like I say, hilariously sad!

  3. Keira Seerose

    They don’t ”deserve” anything. Sorry but being blogged is an honour, not a right. An eye creator deserves sales of a beautiful product if it is a beautiful product – that doesnt make Gogo, or any other blogger responsible for marketting their product or brand. Business is business, advertising is up to the brand owner.

    A content creators rights, when selling an item, is to be paid for the item and for the item not to be used illegally or copied illegally… word of mouth (in world and on blogs) is a powerful tool, but not one that can be, or should be controlled by the brands. If you want to be featured, make something worth featuring.

    Blogging is a way of sharing what we are passionate about, highlighting things we are excited about and products we love… that doesnt mean we ‘owe’ anyone anything, were not obliged to give up our blood type just to tell people we like some shoes.

    Yes, people want to be credited in blogs if theyre featured in them – of course they do – but theres no contract a blogger signs to say they will oblige the wishes and needs of every designer they happen to like.

    Limited time and limited funds, or hell just wanting to stay unique, means we can post whatever the hell we like.

    At the end of the day blogging isnt a job its a passion, we blog to highlight brands that we love, products that we love. That doesnt mean we owe anyone the right to recreate our entire look. everyone wants to be unique. Gogo is a style icon and people want to look like her because in the current sl fashion climate shes the essence of whats beautiful, but they shoudl be exploring their own style!

    Its like blogging that you like a car, telling people about its features – and then someone demanding to know where you buy your petrol.

    I love Gogos look, and as a fashion event planner I can tell you that its natural for any fashion professional to want to be credited in her blog, but its MY responsibility to create a product – whether its clothing or an event – that she wants to blog about… I love Suri Christens face and Bronson Twine and Poppy Panache’s impeccable styling… sometimes I think I’d love to get a copy of their shape / wardrobe.. but most of the time I ask myself what attracts me to that look, and I focus on that one thing, usually a signature piece of the look – and most of the time the part of a shot that makes it magnificent IS credited, and I buy that item, work it into MY OWN style and have something new that is me.

  4. Jill Placebo

    even though I’m not posting much on your blog, I’m one of your blog follower, and I find totally normal that you don’t credit everything. Comments like the one you posted are only the proof that some people have just nothing else to do but bother other people here and there. We all know you’re not paid for what you’re doing, and to my opinion, you’re a good blogger. So don’t pay too much attention to those who don’t deserve it.

  5. Victoria MacFanatic

    I completely agree with all that said its her right to not post where she got her eyes from. I know personally I get irked when someone tries to copy me. Same hair or clothes is ok but when its skin or AO or eyes. It just annoys me. I’m like get your own look, maybe she worked hard to find these eyes and wants to keep them for herself. I think we’re all entitled to be a bit selfish. FYI she has blogged eyes before and I have them AND love them ^^. I’m sure if you look you can find eyes very similiar to the one’s she has. Redgrave has some lovely green eyes and they come with lashes for around 90L I think. There’s tons of eyes in sl just got to look. Also maybe she isnt promoting the eyes, perhaps just the hair, skin, or outfit. I dont list everything I have on in my blog just what I think is important to post. And the ban me if you want I can just change my IP addresss comment, is frankly creepy. IF you have nothing better to do then read a blog you think is shitty and sucky then I’m sorry you have no life :/. I like the drama every now and then on gogo’s blog keeps it interesting but she does always post nice things that I sometimes buy, so to me her blogs a win win. Entertaining and also informative on new clothing or just some goodies she finds.

  6. Shinesse Madison

    I don’t know about anyone else but for me I’m glad you don’t put in a link for every little thing you wear in your pictures. I sometimes find it annoying to see a novel worth of credits and very little in terms of actual content other than a pretty picture.

    What ever happened to finding stuff yourself? That was the fun in shopping in SL. Of seeing something someone had on and trying to maybe find something similar. Why does everyone have to look like everyone else? I guess I’m way old school now.

  7. Elle Couerblanc

    Good god can’t bloggers keep one freakin’ thing to themselves in terms of avatar creation??? I mean can’t we have maybe a signature look????? GET OVER IT SOLEIL – it’s just eyes! Why not visit my site as well and harass me about where i get my eyes too!

  8. Digi P.

    Oh wow I feel bad and I admit I do that in my entries . But I agree with much Keira ,Ann,and mitzy have to say, there is no real contract and if Gogo decides she doesn’t wanna share something with everyone then that’s fine. Grow up and get over it, you’ll live if you don’t have her eyes I assure you life will go on.She’s entitled to have something to herself to keep her looking original from the drones of clones that roam SL. Gogo will always be one of my top favorite bloggers forever and like ever..

  9. Sophia Harlow

    Really? That is priceless. Gogo shares just about everything…including her vagina and you are worried about eyes? Enough to insult her? Your sense of entitlement is nothing short of hysterical.

    Awesome…just awesome.

  10. Genieva


  11. Sophie Dover

    So impolite this girl some times -.-

  12. Ayami Imako

    Gogo credits more on her posts then alot of bloggers. In fact most of the blogs I read often only credit the stuff they are blogging about in that post. Things like eyes, shoes, sometimes hair and even skins frequently get omitted. Why is it such a big deal she doesn’t list the eyes?

  13. Achariya Maktoum


    I’d like to respectfully point out that Gogo doesn’t have to blog. Her time is unpaid, and if she chooses to not credit something, then that is her decision. We’re all human, and sometimes I too don’t credit something or credit (gasp) incorrectly. If you dislike the way someone blogs, start your own. Peace to everyone,


  14. CCSherie

    I agree it’s your right to post the credits to what you are wearing, that said, there is a thing called being gracious.. It’s nice to answer people when they ask you a question about something they love about you. It is a compliment to you and in return you cuss and act like a snob. Nice. That’s not really the attitude someone doing something like blogging for others to read should have and shows that you lack simple manners. So to sum it up you have a right to keep things to yourself and refuse questions that should compliment you, and everyone else has the right to think your asinine. =-)

    • TheShadow99

      As a former blogger I can tell you I may or may not answer a given post… It took me at least 2 hours to make a post when I was blogging regularly, including clipping pictures to fit. I have a life outside blogging as well. I may take a day or two to even get back to someone, and that’s if I chose to answer!

      It’s not about being gracious, or even nice… It’s about what I can use my time for. What if someone asks me about eyes and I’m already writing a big eye review? I should drop everything and try to figure out what eyes I was wearing in XYZ pic? Doubtful…

      If you want me to jump to any requests the answer is really simple: pay me. money is a great method of getting my attention when I’m busy, it’s what work does when they need me to go out of my way to do something for them. Some people think that’s a mercenary attitude, but it’s not really. It’s just practical.

  15. Dream Afterthought

    wow, this is sad.. get a grip people.. ik on my blog team we definitely don’t blog everything.. some things you need to do on your own. honestly who wants a clone of yourself running around? no one. This is one of my favorite blogs not only for content but for honesty! just ignore them.. they are not worth it.

  16. shayne

    Sorry i am one of those culprits that asked where her eyes were from, they are lovely, just didnt get the big deal why she couldnt answer or post to where they came from..well anyways, didnt realise i already had them in my inventory when i bought the skins.But it’s her blog she can delete any questions that are propositioned to her about what shes wearing.

  17. Alexa Lioncourt

    to Soleil S., seriously? Your issues seem to be just that… YOUR issues. If you don’t care for a person’s blog, do us all a favor and stop reading. Your histrionics say very little about your target and a mountain about you. You may want to remove the boulder you’re carrying around on your shoulder… life can be so much nicer when you don’t play life’s victim.

  18. Arollyn

    To be honest, I don’t want to know what eyes your wearing because I love my eyes and I also don’t share that information. Avatars constantly change their appearance and eyes tend to stay the same. Besides, when it mattered for the shadows you did tell us where to get good prim eyes, which you didn’t have to. All I want from this blog is to be shown the latest clothing, skins and shoes and that is what you do. It is obvious that your success has brought a lot of haters but not to worry because for every hater there are 100 fans. Keep up the good work and shrug off the negative 😀

  19. Leslie

    Soleil S…have you forgotten to take your meds? Is it that time of the month? Do you not have anything better to do with your time? If you don’t like GoGo’s blog, stop reading it! Don’t b!tch her out for how she does it. Obviously your opinion is not the majority, based on responses to this post, and also that her blog is one of the most popular. I read about a dozen blogs a day….and the first one I read is every day is GoGo’s, cause in my opinion, hers is the best. She doesn’t have to credit every last item….tonnes of blogs do way less than her, and just as many do way more. It’s her right to choose…not yours. Your choice is to read it or not. I think you just want to cause drama….because if you really don’t like how she does it….YOU WOULDN’T BE READING IT!!!!!

  20. redsoledrea

    pfft i never state where my eyes are from in my blog posts or even vendor ads; they are my personal preference and the one thing i feel make me different from the rest. they are just eyes. Gogo whores out the rest of her closet let her keep her pretty eyes to herself. :p

    maybe you should obsess over someone else.

  21. Katalyst

    Really? … Really?
    I have no problem telling people where I got things. They go on to support the creator and incorporate the items into their own look.

  22. Kalel Mommsen

    Just keep doing what you do best Gogo

    you still got allot of people watching…

  23. Trillian Granville

    I truly enjoyed the honesty and professionalism of “Imabee Serene Skins.” Most bloggers only review items that will have a favorable outcome. I really thought your blog would be as refreshing as that post.

    Then I saw a bit of the dramatic with “A Skin Demo,” but I completely agreed with you. Although I thought it was a bit odd that you would bring the problem from Flickr to your blog. It just seemed that it would prolong the disagreement rather than letting it die.

    Unfortunately, I read “Eyes are the window to the soul.” I too have admired your eyes, but I would have never contacted you to ask. I have no doubt that multiple people harping on that one thing would drive anyone nuts. Sadly, people behave childishly when they believe they are anonymous (meaning rl identities). However, your response at the begining of this post was also childish. I thought the following statements were particuarly unsettling. “When my favorite eyes brand(s) move to Juicy sim, I promise to do a mega blogpost about it. Until then… this shitty blogger is keeping this info to herself.” Again, this conflict was taken from Flickr and addressed on this blog.

    You absolutely have every right to keep something unique for yourself. I think it is a good practice. You also have every right to say what you want and review what you want on your blog. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    I enjoyed the posts I have read that weren’t involved in some sort of turmoil, but I will no longer follow your blog. I realize this doesn’t matter to you, but please consider this constructive critisism. Trillian Granville

    • Gogo

      Hi Trillian, I didn’t bring “A Skin Demo” from Flickr to my blog to continue the drama. I found that most tend to keep quiet when they realize their behavior affects their business negatively. Once I blogged about it, the “Glance fans” stopped berating people who dared criticized Glance skins on my flickr.

      In regards to “Eyes are the window to the soul” — the “SOLEIL” person has left me more than a dozen messages with the same tone. I could post it all here, but I choose not to. And yes many people ask me about the eyes, both on Flickr and on my blog, so I didn’t “bring it here”, I had no other way to directly address “SOLEIL” so I decided to do it via my blog. That’s my final answer, I’m not sharing that info.

      I think that you’re over-analyzing my responses. If you were a friend, you’d get my sense of humor. It was just a reminder that I am not a paid employee to disclose and credit every thing that I purchase. I’m a person playing the same game that you are. I don’t owe anybody anything except for — review copies, I fully credit those. Everything else, it’s at my discretion. If you don’t understand (or like) this, bye. I hope you find other blogs to follow that suits you more.

  24. Sedge Weyland

    “I don’t know about anyone else but for me I’m glad you don’t put in a link for every little thing you wear in your pictures. I sometimes find it annoying to see a novel worth of credits and very little in terms of actual content other than a pretty picture.”

    That’s all my blog is. XD Then again, mine’s just for chronicling what I’m wearing at certain times, rather than a review blog. Half the time you can’t get the stuff I’m wearing anymore, so I don’t really worry about clones. Even if someone did grab all the things I list and wore them, they’d still have a different shape from me, and my look changes every day so the chances I’d see someone who looks exactly like me are very very low.

    While learning what someone’s wearing is interesting, if they choose not to disclose that, it’s their choice. I don’t understand people who seem to think that they can somehow shame another person in conforming to their ideals simply by yelling at them enough. There’s nothing compelling about “Well I want to KNOW.”

  25. Elle Couerblanc

    Um Er…..LOL good god woman – do you just bring the crazy out in people? All this uproar over eyes. Wowsa can’t imagine what would happen if you didn’t say what skin you were wearing. THE WORLD WOULD COME TO END!!!!!!!

  26. Mimi

    I honestly agree with Trillian. Juicy was the first and only blog I ever read when I first got into fashion blogging. But slowly it has become the last. The issue of whether or not you post everything you wear is not the issue, because I myself keep somethings to myself when asked about my clothing, skin, shape,etc. The issue I have is the child like manner everything seems to be handled in, Gogo.

    When someone annoys you, it seems to result in a federal case were you have to put up a big elaborate post about their crazy instead of just addressing the issue. Everybody knows that people bitch and complain about stuff to bloggers,designers,etc, but most people take the higher road. My mom always told me you can’t please everyone all the time, and you can’t. Lowering yourself to their level only makes you just as bad.

    I think there needs to be a moment when you sit back and think “Do i really need to post this in said manner?” Because this right here is unnecessary drama which could have been dealt with in a very different mature manner. Just like if no one likes your blog then they shouldn’t read it. If you don’t like what comes with being blogger then maybe you should reconsider it. You gotta take the good with that bad and move on.

    Honest opinion. No hating because you are the blogger that got me started in sl fashion and designing so I always got love for you.

    • Gogo

      “What comes with being a blogger”? I’m fully aware of what I’m dealing with here. Over the past 3+ years of blogging SL fashion, I have only encountered a handful of very pushy people who cannot take ‘no’ for an answer. I am patient, I let things go, I wait until they leave me no less than a dozen messages or months of the same repeated abusive behavior. I guess I am human so I react rather emotionally when I am pushed to react. I feel like these people who leave bogus names and bogus emails, I cannot email them and quietly address it and request that they stop leaving me crazy messages. So I have to do it the only way that’s available to me (to reach them) via my blog.

      I don’t need people to school me on “what comes with being a blogger” because I know. I moderate comments and I do it to control the tone of this blog; it is not drama all the time because I only address the severely annoying people. I’ve deleted more posts than I have kept up about drama because once I blog people, they tend to go away.

      And yes I really hope “SOLEIL” gets the message and stop pestering me about eyes, lashes, or whatever else. I’ll share what I want to share.

  27. Really?

    I’m trying to figure this out. What you are saying is that you’d rather make the creator of the item suffer because you don’t feel like mentioning where you bought it from? That’s a nice way to treat someone’s products you enjoy. “These are mine only! I don’t care if the creator goes broke!” I can understand if someone were to steal your entire look, but a pair of eyes? I’m sure the shop owner is so glad about this!

    • Gogo

      I assure you this creator is not gonna go broke 😛 I adore their products and they know this. I’ve told them many times in-world that I won’t share their eyes cos I don’t want to, but I’ll credit everything else they make 🙂 We laugh about it — no hurt feelings. The only people who seem to be highly offended is: you.

      I am closing comments on this post because I am not interested in any more comments here.