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Eyes see you! :)

Picnik collage

Shine – Monet eyes (Terra)

Hi everyone! I am blogging about….. eyes! From time to time, I do share great eyes find here. Last week was bizarre though, how is it possible to have eyes drama in SL? Was it slow news week? In addition to the blog and Flickr drama, someone revived a really old SLU thread about my eyes. LOL! Hi SLU peeps. I haven’t logged into my SLU account for a very long time, but I am amused some of you think I’m evil and some of you like me. Sooo… either way, thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Btw these new eyes I’m wearing are from Shine! There are 11 colors in this Monet series, and the colors are rich and intense. These eyes also includes prim versions so if you need it for Shadows or if you just want to be different and wear two different eye colors at once, you can!

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to eyes, so I was rather amused when people demanded to know mine. Here’s my secret — I like small pupils. Also, because my eye shape is smaller than most, prefer eye sizes that are small; but someone with a large head or bigger eyes may like them medium or large.

Visit Shine @ Covet

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  1. Don Mill

    Can we not believe that you are evil and like you at the same time?

  2. Mitzy Burns

    Well worth wait! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Marianne Little

    What Don said πŸ˜‰
    And also, you take many closeups of your face, where the eyes really are clear and stand out. Using high quality graphics and good light. You can’t be surprised that people look at them and think “Gorgeous eyes, I want to know where she got them”.

  4. Aemeth

    I almost did a post on eyes this week, but I didn’t even want to mention the same subject because it might have brought up all of that again. From my point of view, it isn’t -your- eyes people want, it’s the styling. Buying the same kind of eyes as the next person doesn’t always guarantee it’s going to look good on you.

    People often forget things like this when they shop in SL. Fit, silhouette, and cut still plays a huge role in your avatar’s appearance. You can’t get away from that just because this is a virtual setting.

  5. Sally

    LOL, and when I read your last blog post I thought “Gogo’s got such big eyes, perhaps I’d enlarge mine..” and now you claim they’re small πŸ˜›

    • Gogo

      hahaha! To me they’re small because my #1 request to eyes maker is to make ’em smaller. I have yet to encounter a brand that I’ve had to beg them to make it larger. The whites are never showing too much, if you know what I mean. People with large eyes? You’d be able to see the entire eyeball.

      But yeah I’ve seen the trend in SL where avatars have extremely small eyes and poutier lips (almost unhappy frown); that’s soo not me!

  6. Anya Navarita

    I am always trying to find eyes that duplicate my own RL color and these are the closest I have seen. I am buying them ASAP!

  7. Vivienne


    Great eyes. I love those lashes too. Where did you get them?

  8. Ayami Imako

    Oh sure you blog about skins and clothes and eyes, but what about ears!? Huh huh .. why you hate ears? (I’m only kidding..)

  9. Ara

    You look adorable in that shot. The skin, eyes and lashes are a great mix.

  10. Eboni

    The Shine eyes are my favorite eyes!

  11. Madi

    I totally agree – beautiful lashes – and they work with your bangs! Would love to know where to pick some up!

    • Vivienne


      I agree! but Gogo isn’t talking πŸ™

      • Ann Launay

        That’s because she’s evil. *nods*

  12. Poppy

    I picked up a free pair, which i can’t get the prim ones to fit maybe i should alter eye size. These look fab.

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