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Hair Fair 2010; Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri – Taylor | Camelia (freebie fatpack)

Dernier Cri has an amazing new hair collection out at Hair Fair. I’m really impressed with these styles, they’re so kawaii and I’m just in-love with the light pinkish texture.

Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri – Saddie | Kira

Dernier Cri

Dernier Cri – Dove | Aya

I really like that Dernier Cri hairstyles comes with a HUD to change the hair colors. This reduces inventory clutter and also makes it super easy to mod a style once and just recolor vs. having to modify several hairs to fit. However, I think in laggy sims, the re-color process can take awhile and I’ve noticed that sometimes I have to do it several times before the script recolors all the prims properly (again… probably lag, not really an issue with the hair).

Dernier Cri has only released hair once this year (I think I bought most of them) but I really hope that Asuka Martin does more!! These are probably some of my favorites from Hair Fair this year.

Also, as much as I adore Dernier Cri hair, I really wished that the creator’s head shape is more like my own. When I resize the hairstyles, I’ve noticed that the back is always an issue for me. I prefer to just stretch rather than having to move prims around because I don’t like messing with the hairstyle or risk the textures not lining up properly. My head is round and I have a long head profile. I realize that not everyone has a bobble head line mine, but I am that much happier when I can just stretch hair to fit and not have to move prims around.

Are there some brands in SL that fits you perfectly, and others that are either much too small or too large?

Visit Dernier Cri @ Hair Fair; don’t forget to pick up the gift!

Dernier Cri

Also, I found the best $300L skin yesterday at Mother Goose. I’m normally not really a fan of skins that are more hand-drawn like this but I just *love* this little face!! Love love love <3 I picked up makeup 3 for $300L but the fatpack is just $1200L. If you’re on a budget, there’s a 1L Josephine skin, this landmark will take you to the freebie area. The lipstick is different on the freebie skin, but still adorable.

See? I share!! It doesn’t bother me at all that people think I am a “horrible” blogger, or my little fashionista soul needs saving cos it’s so evil and dark and and and and.. yeah.

What I’m Wearing:

Mother Goose (by milok Hermit) – Josephine Skin (make up 3)
5th&Oxford – Jori Blouse & Jori Skirt (Egg Blue)
Donna Flora – Nahua black earrings

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  1. Is

    Back when ETD was all I wore, I modified my head to fit the dimensions listed in Elika’s picks. I didn’t copy the numbers exactly, but instead got close to them so I wouldn’t have to stretch her hair.

    Nowadays with those same measurements, most places fit me (, House of Munster, Lamb, Maitreya, Kin) except for Tiny Bird, which never seems to look right without pretty extensive modding. I have to stretch Clawtooth hair, but it’s totally worth the effort since I love Clawtooth. I love Exile hair but some doesn’t work with my head shape.

  2. Sileny

    Truth always fits me right off. Clawtooth fits me with just a tiny bit of stretching. Lamb NEVER fits me right away and always takes me a ton of work but I love it sooo much it’s worth the extra effort, haha!

  3. Terri Zhangsun

    I have the same issue with the Dernier Cri hair. It shows a bald spot in the back of my head. With Exile hair it is always the top part of my head and Truth’s updo’s are always too big on me around the ears.

  4. Lee

    What always bugs me is when creators put resize scripts into demo hair and then leave it out of the one you buy, grr

    • Ann Launay

      I hate it when they DO put resize scripts in the purchased hair, especially if the script can’t be deleted and they don’t also supply an unscripted version. I very much prefer modding by hand and I don’t want to walk around with a bunch of useless scripts attached to my av in any case.

  5. Ayami Imako

    My favorite hair from Hair Fair .. and I bought about 20 .. is Dernier Cri Dove. I LOVE IT .. so soft and flowing. Most hairs fit me okay, a few are to small. My shape is very ‘egg headed’ and so sometimes hairs dont get the right coverage, but I am pretty good at editing them so don’t have huge issues. My biggest hair edit issue is I am often a neko in SL and so have to edit hairs to cover my human ears. Wish LL would make a option to turn off the human ears (would be great for prim ears also)

    I recently discovered Mother Goose, I had never been there but saw a new skin by them in another blog called Jeanne I am DYING to have. It has these totally lush glossy lips.

  6. Carmilla Mirabeau

    Im with you on the back of the head for Dernier Cri hairs. Whats up with that? Beautiful hairs but makes me bald in the back. Who wants to take so much time fixing hair?

  7. dawnde lane

    i just slap a re size script in (you can get them free if you need one im me in world and i will share) mod it by 5 or 1 and delete the script after, no messing with nothing, and if the hair needs more work after resizing… then i really don’t wear it again.

    • Gogo

      Stretching (resizing) is easy peasy; I think when sculpted prims are made for shorter head profile it’s really hard to get it to fight in the back, even if the side and front is perfect. I have a post coming up for a possible fix 🙂

  8. Natali

    I`ve always loved Dernier Cri`s pinks! Nine times out of ten I used to have to resize until a lengthy head and face reconstruction. I had a top heavy bird beak long head, what can I say. Too embarassed to go hair less at hair fair so ugly was my head shape! But these days its only a matter of a resize up and no need of back of the head prim shifting.

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