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Hair Fair 2010; LOGO hair

LOGO hair

LOGO: Amber |  Serena | Nicole } Bethany (in Blonde)

Every year I look forward to Hair Fair (this is my 4th HF!!!) and this year is no exception. Hair Fair opens in less than 24 hours to everyone else, but bloggers were given early access so we can show you some goodies in advance!

I don’t have a Hair Fair plan, so I’ll just blog new styles from brands in random order. I picked LOGO as my first brand because they’re a new to hair fair and new to SL brand. This brand is launching at hair fair with a bang! There are four new styles and a freebie style fatpack.

LOGO hair

LOGO – Melissa (this is the HF freebie style)

LOGO hair

Visit Hair Fair on September 4th!

Hair Fair 1 | Hair Fair 2 | Hair Fair 3 | Hair Fair 4

What I’m Wearing:

BOOM – Beach Bash Bikini & hair flower

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  1. Lucyanni Writer

    I agree with you on your last post, and thank you because you always helped me when I wanted to know where to find some eyes, hair etc … and if you want to have exclusivity on any item of clothing is all right.

  2. jeangenie

    7,30am and still not open..they are always in late and vague about the time

    • jeangenie

      mhm at 10am…*taps her feet

  3. Sherry

    I agree that keeping a secret – especially with a motive of luring more designers onto your sim – is at worst a bit selfish but really at best a good business tactic in my opinion. I like your blog and even your outbursts. Shows you’re human and making no claim to being as perfect as your avi looks.
    I love your barbie doll style and like the simple cute blog post. Makes me unwind after a day of hard work to log on to your blog and some other real fashion, celebrity sites and just have fun!

    Your posts do fun perfectly 😉 so keep it up and keep insisting on what you think is best. After all, we only read your posts but you put in the hard meticulous work in making such lovely photos.

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