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Hair Fair 2010; LoQ Hairs

LoQ Hairs

LoQ Hairs – Cafe Misto | Turkish Coffee (Fiery Red)

These two styles are my favorite from LoQ Hairs. This is actually the first time I’ve ever featured LoQ Hairs here, I think they are a fairly new but what they’ve released so far is promising. I am feeling very Red today cos Autumn is just around the corner! 🙂

I’ve noticed that LoQ hair is full-bright by default, and that is awful! Thankfully the hair is mod, so I can simply uncheck the full-bright option, but I really don’t understand designers who leaves this on by default. It looks awful in Windlight and the hair texture is totally misrepresented.

Here’s my plea to hair designers: If for some reason you must have full-bright hair, please include both versions in your demo. I have to see what the hair texture looks like with full-bright off otherwise I won’t purchase it. I think that full-bright should be abandoned already, it makes you look like a newbie hair designer.

Visit LoQ Hairs at Hair Fair

What I’m Wearing:

Armidi – Sheer Ribbed Tank (White)
anuenue – Salopette Denim
Mother Goose – Bini Skin

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  1. Ann Launay

    There you go expressing your opinions again…for shame!

    • Gogo

      Omg, I know right? How do I know my opinion is valid? I still don’t make hair today!

  2. Lashy

    LOL I suggest creating your own vocabulary. Like I would say:
    “Zomg-cyborgia-cheng. Full brite is super ticky-tackster, no? Why they so buk-wat in da head. Opps sorry I may say. They make takes-1-2-3 with the Crying Game again, here we come. You’re so over there.Tenk joo. Bow.”

  3. Elle Couerblanc

    I approve of this hair color 🙂

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