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Hair Fair 2010; SLink


SLink – Kiera, Genevief, Leona II (True Red)

I am pretty obsessed with Red hair shades today, thankfully, these three new SLink styles are fantastic in any color.  Genevief is my favorite style, and it happens to be the donation style as well, so this is a bonus!

Visit SLink at Hair Fair


My friends are laughing at me for being obsessed with cheap skins but I am totally obsessed with Mother Goose this week. This Bini skin is just $50L for a set of 4! I read this hot tip on Banana Vella’s blog, so ty Banana! I ran to Mother Goose to pick this up because I didn’t see it when I was purchasing Josephine a few days ago.


Mother Goose – Bini (makeup 1-4)


I love my outfit today, it’s so sassy! I do however have a gripe. This necklace I’m wearing is from MANDALA.  For some reason it is full-bright only and of course, the necklace is no mod 🙁 I’ve tried to contact the owner via notecard to get a non full-bright version and they’re not responding to me. Screw you MANDALA! I’ve always thought their jewelry was perfect (the other necklace I have isn’t full-bright) so this is highly disappointing.

What I’m Wearing:

Kyoot – Beneath My Bones (Stumblebum Exclusive)
Decoy – Dana 76 Jeans (Black)
MANDANA – Soul2 Necklace & Bracelet

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  1. Marianne Little

    Yes, full bright is so yuck when it’s night and your jewelery light up like it’s radioactive! I hope the designer listen to you and change it. But, some people might like to wear fullbright stuff… yuck.

  2. Kaya

    I bought a belt from MANDALA some months ago, it was also no modify, and a resizing script can only do so much when it comes to adjusting a belt to an avatar shape properly.

    I contacted them via notecard and so far I have not heard from them. I do love their creations. Their taste and craftsmanship is beautiful, but I keep myself from buying their stuff in fear of losing my lindens.

    I do hope they get get back to you on this.

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