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Muism Eyes & Lash tutorial

Muism Eyes

Let’s talk about eyes some more. I’ve been accused of not sharing my eyes or lashes info because I “stole” them. This is a ridiculous idea because designers in SL are extremely generous with me (and my blog). I will share what I want to share, so no it is not ridiculous to keep some things to myself. Would you go to a top restaurant and demand to know their recipe? Some of the ways I do things, I feel is like my own recipe (for my avatar).

Now I will talk about these new Musing Eyes set from Muism because they’re fantastic. I feel that Muism is one of these Japanese brands that have been around for a long time, but they don’t get too much blog coverage.

Muism Eyes

There are 16 colors to choose from, no prim eyes (yet) but I’m hoping they will release some in the future. I think the size is just right for me — I didn’t see a demo though, but these are $150L per color.

Visit Muism

how I wear lashes

Another popular question people ask me all the time is… where do I get my lashes! Sometimes I don’t answer these questions because it really does require a long explanation.

So I made a chart for you; this will show you exactly how I wear my lashes.

  1. Start with the naked eye
  2. Add 1 pair of lashes
  3. Add another pair of lashes to go over it
  4. Add a liner tattoo
  5. Add a lash tattoo

You don’t have to do all of these steps, but that is how I do it. Shop around, find lashes that suits you, don’t try to copy me exactly, because I modify the lashes heavily.

Places to shop for prim lashes:

Dutch Touch
glow Studio

/Update 4/21/2013/ This is list outdated! My current favorite lashes are from S@R, see my review here.

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  1. Marianne Little

    That was some job! I would never guess that you used so many lashes. I’ve been addicted to tattoo layers myself. After I tried layering, I just have to use a viewer that support multiple layers, even if Viewer 2 feels so clumsy.
    Got some nice eyeliners from TyZvezda’s last 50L friday offer. Wonder if they sell them separate.

  2. Don Mill

    The dress on the last pic is sooooo cute.

  3. JenniferD

    honestly, in the tutorial it doesn’t seem like you are
    wearing any “type” of tattoo eyeliner. I went to glow studios and they
    were all very ornate.

    I then couldn’t find any stores in search
    Iris Ophelia
    Cheap Makeup

    To me, it doesn’t look like you are wearing “prim lashes” they aren’t as spider leg thick as most Ive seen. They look alpha to me, layed no doubt with no eyeliner. I dunno, maybe Im not looking hard enough.

    • Gogo

      hi Jennifer! I’m wearing two pairs of prim lashes, one on Nose attachment, and one on Chin. I could link these and use only one attachment but I haven’t linked them. Anyways, if these lashes look nice and not “Spidery” it’s because I choose lashes I like that are nice and avoid the ones that are not well made. I assure you the tattoos I’m wearing are either from Cheap Makeup (Stella Semaphore) or Iris Ophelia (that’s her name in SL) or Glow. Glow has decorative ones and Cheap Makeup does the subtle liners.. check out Iris Ophelia for lash tattoo (she only has one) or Cheap Makeup, there’s a whole fatpack.

      I don’t know what else to tell you if you doubt the items I’ve listed.

      • Gogo

        Also, prim lashes = alpha prim lashes (2 prims), not sculpted prim lashes (a billion individual prims)

  4. Aemeth

    That skin designer did a good job on the knee area. A lot of people don’t pay that much attention there.

  5. Stella Semaphore

    Hi JenniferD, I am the designer of Cheap Makeup and you can find it here : . Unfortunately it doesn’t pop up in search unless you look for my name.

    • Aemeth

      Can I just say, I love your stuff? #forreal

  6. Vivienne


    Thanks for explaining your process!

  7. CallejaFairey

    wow..what a difference the lashes made at each step to how your eye looked, before i scrolled far enough down to read what was under the lashes pictures, i figured you were showing different sizes of eyes they offer, and so was confused when you said ‘the size is just right for me’ cause i thought for sure in that next pic you were wearing different sizes. i guess it goes to show that all the attention to lashes can make a big impact. i tend to steer away from lashes just cause i usually don’t have many face attach points to spare…lol, and, of all the things i have adjusted (including spending several hours a day for at least three days adjusting a chainlink bikini practically prim by prim to fit me) lashes are just the worst to adjust! but you def make it look worth all that hassle 🙂

  8. Chantelle

    Wow, your lashes are divine!

  9. JenniferD

    I haveta agree with Calle.
    Just a huge difference!!~ o/

    Ty~ Gogo for all the patenice and explaination with
    my comment. I am on my way to lash diva~

    Ty Stella for ur store url too **hugs

  10. Syaira

    Hey Gogo! You might want to consider putting this in your tutorials section on the sidebar. That way you can just point to it next time someone asks. It’s really helpful information! 🙂

    • Gogo

      Great Idea!

  11. Sugarr Delight

    MiaMai has some great lash and liner layers in their beauty section. They also carry prim and no-alpha lashes as well. From the landing point, tp to the beauty section from the tp directory.

  12. SW

    I love thisssssss gogo!! thank youuuu blesss your heart <3

  13. JenniferD

    Sugar ~MaiMai has really nice lash tattoo’s as well. I am currently wearing 3 layers of lashes. I have tattoo layer then prim ones attached to my eyes and chin. Adjusting the chin layer was extremely difficult but soooo worth it.

    I highly recommend the lash tattoo layer because it really does fill in the gaps from the prim lashes. Stunning!!

    I love my eyes!!

  14. anahata

    okay i have a question on prim lashes (the ones that come in five parts that you can disconnect and put each top and bottom on your eye), i don’t use viewer 2.0 so i don’t use any other type that you might use on there.

    anyway, when i do try to fit my lashes, i will align them with my eyes, and they will look great then i notice if i’m looking at myself from above or the side, they are all out of place, sometimes away from the eye, and if i try to bring them closer they get lost in my lower lid (which tends to stick out, not sure if i have a setting wrong on my body). .. are eyelashes supposed to just look good for photos or can you actually make them ‘fit’ your face so they look good at any angle? it drives me insane trying to get them right.

    thank you.

    • Piper Moonshadow

      Aww, I was hoping someone replied with a tip on this issue. I go through the same frustration. I just don’t even bother anymore lol.

    • Aeva Nikolaidis

      are you editing each lash separately, as in the top separate from the bottom? you should be adjusting all 4 parts individually and you may need to rotate and or stretch them to fit….it just takes time and practice

      • Anahata

        yeah i do all that still looks weird. ah well who is going to be looking right at my bloody eyeballs up close anyways.

  15. Cooper Clarity

    My goodness! I was wondering what your secret was, so nice of you to share. I’m definitely popping online and trying this out now.

    //Love from Cooper

  16. sephorakitty

    hello, I’m looking lashes liner tattoo on lm SL following: I find it sorry. more I come across a place where there are lots of magazines but no lashes tattoo …….. found. thank you to give more detail

  17. sephorakitty

    I really feel like going in circles, I try, I’m looking for is not found ????? you have a solution??
    Ps: if I love your blog love

  18. sephorakitty

    voia good there’s something new I’m in a shop whose name: beauty supply ?

  19. morgana hilra

    I wish that phoenix would catch up and add this benefit.
    So far, as far as I know, all we have is the ability to “add” extra prims.
    I really wish they would add the “add layers” (multi layers), OR that Linden Labs would offer a viewer that was based on the Phoenix “skin” or “lay out”..
    It has been almost a year and I still can not STAND the viewer 2 layout, with the side panel slippy stuff…
    And the search is… oi.. it is hurting my brain just thinking about it.

    *wonders who to light flames under over at phoenix*….

  20. Kat Terrawyng

    Hi Gogo!

    I LOVE your blog and have been aching to figure out how you do your lashes, so I finally bought a bunch of different lashes and tattoos and liners and played with it all. Thank you SO much for this blog! I have finally gotten them just perfect, thanks to your breakdown and suggestions. I now love my lashes as much as I love yours!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Gogo

      YAY! I’m glad it was useful 🙂

  21. Aenea Nori

    Hi Gogo.

    Your tutorial on how you do your lashes is outstanding, and your eyes look lovely!

    This may be a dumb question, but I’ve never understood what prim eyes are good for? Why are they preferable to regular eyes in SL? Is it the ability to make them larger or smaller?


    • Gogo

      Some people like prim eyes because they want to wear two different colors at once – Left: Green, Right: Brown, for example. Also, you can glow them, or make them full bright. I don’t like them because I don’t think they move as naturally as regular texture eyes.

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