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Shag Hair

Shag – Erotica | Erotica (sub.versive)

This week is definitely HAIR WEEK — I have so many hairstyles to show you guys!! These four new hairstyles are the latest from Shag hair, and the names are oh so sexy!

I think the Erotica style is just so sexy and different, and the ‘sub.versive’ version has hair covering the eyes and an attachment that is a hair strand and an X to cover over the mouth.

Shag – Pictures of You | Somebody’s Baby (Platinum)

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What I’m Wearing… (not much today!):

Laqroki – Nellie 02 (Fair) Glow Skin
Shag – All Hairstyles
WTW – nugikake lingerie pink
Love Soul – Prim Nails *Lovely* All Colors
POSEUR – Lil Posey Pose Stand
Made by Moo – Couture Wallpaper (Bright Pink) Pattern

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  1. Sorcha Irelund

    I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this hair is! I can think of so many RPer’s that would kill to wear these. Your photos are stunning and I love every single inch of this blog. HUGGLES!

  2. Ayami Imako

    That hair is epic awesome. I will be getting it when I get paid. I love unique styles like that. I’m a fickr whore and they are wonderful for shots, but I even wear them just to run around. The same old feathered styles get old after a while.

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