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SLink – Cassandra Heels

SLink - Cassandra Heels

These new SLink Cassandra Heels are beautiful! I’m a big fan of SLink’s gorgeous and realistic prim feet, and also the very fast and easy to use OmniHUD to further customize each pair of shoes.

You can use the OmniHUD to change skin tone, choose skin presets and save your own, resize, change nail colors, change metals, turn invisiprim on and off, and also turn socks on and off.

SLink - Cassandra Heels

SLink – Cassandra Heels (in 11 colors)

Here’s two more close-ups of the shoes (in Mushroom color); my favorite <3

SLink - Cassandra Heels

SLink - Cassandra Heels

These photos have not been edited, they are raw images from SL with shadows enabled. If you see some extra shadows casted on the shoes or my leg, it’s from SL. Try a demo and fall in love with these yummy heels!

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  1. Sedge Weyland

    Does it weird out anyone else with the prim feet shoes where there’s a space between the inner arch of the foot and the inside bottom of the shoe? Maybe it’s just me. You never notice unless you’re up really close, but it always throws me off.

    That said, I <3 me some SLink.

  2. Ayami Imako

    Hrmm not sure how you mean Sedge. I have very high arches in RL and theres always a gap there for me too. Most heels are pretty flat inside so that always just came across as realistic when I looked at them. ^^

    I love SLinks shoes and feet. I literally can’t go barefoot in SL without wearing her jolie feet now. These shoes are gorgeous .. I tried the demo and they rock. When I get paid I will definitely be grabbing a pair. Probably two since the black and red are both amazing.

  3. Natasha

    Hi, maybe I’m very dumn but I can’t ever find the right color for my skin with Slink shoes. I even try to use note cards from other brands that has the values in it for my skin, is soooooooooooooooo frustrating I love shoes in any life but ends being so frustrating in sl. If anybody knows the numbers for Dutch Touch skins Yri caramel I would really appreciate. Ty so much for reading about my frustration wanted to “scream” about if for a so time.

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