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What Next Coastal Loft Skybox

What Next

My latest Home & Garden find is this gorgeous new Coastal Loft Skybox from What Next. The skybox is low prim and includes texture changing windows, door panes, and inside walls. I really liked that there are furniture sets made specifically for this skybox so decorating is a breeze!

What Next

The Coastal Cottage Living Room

What Next

The Coastal Cottage Breakfast Room

What Next

What Next

The Coastal Cottage Bedroom

After I’ve rezzed all the decor, the total prim count is about 308 prims, which is very reasonable for a fully furnished space. This skybox spacious and flexible; you can use the decor from What Next or mix-and-match your own pieces.

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  1. Bell Lectar

    Wow, those shadows look so breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. Kaelyn Alecto

    Ohh I love this! What next is my all time favorite place for furniture! I just wish they had better animations! 🙂 This new set looks amazing! 🙂

  3. Aemeth

    This is not a criticism but a funny thought.. the words on the wall make me think of Catalog Living:

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