Dark Mouse

I flew around the Jewelry Fair sims this morning and it is spectacular! Everything sim is very organized and easy to navigate, you won’t miss much or go around in circles (and get lost).

Dark Mouse has 6 new jewelry sets for the fair, and a gift! Here’s a lil peek of everything you’ll see at the fair:

Dark Mouse

Dark Mouse – Marissa set | Baroque Flower set |  Milkweed set

Dark Mouse

Dark Mouse – Obsidian Eye set | Victorian Tassel set | 50’s Pearl & Diam. set

Dark Mouse

Dark Mouse – 50’s Strand Pearl Necklace & Studio Clip (fair gift)

Visit Dark Mouse @ Jewelry Fair

Dark Mouse

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Leighton (Swedish)
Laqrokie – Nellie 02 (Fair) Glow Skin
Dark Mouse – Baroque Flower set
Zaara – Sumana Lingerie (Blush)
Zaara – Naina distressed shrug (Pink)
Zaara – Trishna print skirt (Fuschia)
Zaara – Ilaida Mojri (Fuschia)

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  1. I’m really impressed by all this jewelery! I don’t wear too much of it irl (except for earrings), but now I have to find an excuse to wear it in SL!

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