Truth Hair

Truth hair

Truth – Blake | Annika | Leighton

Yum….yum yum yum yum. I’m taking a brief break from fair coverage to bring you Truth’s latest release this week. They’re all so adorable, and I really like the variety this week. If you’re looking for something long and flowy or a short updo (perfect for gowns!), visit Truth!

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  1. I love when you do skin reviews the best, Gogo! You are so great at them! My faves! And my second faves would be HAIR!

  2. I got the Annika style from Truth a few days ago. It’s my favourite style by them now. It’s gorgeous. I got the Larissa style, which is also incredible, but always wanted more length without having to go anywhere but Truth. So I’m glad Hawks has created Annika. It’s perfect.

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