Laqroki – Phoebe 2

Laqroki - PHOEBE 2

Just when I thought I’ve found my new favorite Laqroki skin (see: Nellie), Mallory Cowen releases yet another beautiful face with a gorgeous set of makeup.

I’ve been a big fan of the Phoebe skin ever since it was released years ago. I have the original Phoebe, and the Phoebe Glow skins released a year ago. These new Phoebe 2 is an updated version of the Glow Skin and is a nice upgrade. I love the new smooth texture on the skin tone and the new nose.

Laqroki - PHOEBE 2

Laqroki – Phoebe 2 (Fair tone)

All ten makeups also includes a hair base version.

Laqroki - PHOEBE 2

This skin is a gorgeous Brunette, but I could easily wear this as a Blonde if I wear the Laqroki tattoo brows over it. I think the skin tone is so nice and rosy, it’ll work for most hair colors (just be sure to wear the brows tat!).

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I’ve been wearing this Acira Short Dress from Zaara all week but didn’t get a chance to snap a proper photo until today. This dress is shimmery and so pretty! It’s available at Call for Couture, which is still going on! Be sure to visit.

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  1. I agree with you on the awesome skin releases lately from Mallory. I was new to wearing LAQ in the past month. I have bought all of the releases so far, now I might have to buy this one too as you’re right it’s a really pretty brunette.

  2. Hi Gogo! This skin looks so amazing on you, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a shape to be released! Anyways, hint dropping aside, would you mind telling me where you got that hair? It looks great!

  3. Any skin looks good on you.

    But I still wonder how did this swollen lip trend begin. With upper lip two times bigger than lower.

    Did you start it as your trademark look, then other girls started copying it to resemble you, then skin designers started drawing lips in upside down scale to pick up after their customers?

    I really can’t see what’s so appealing about the swollen lip look, but to each their own, I guess.

    • I’ve always liked my lips to be fairly even. A couple of years ago my lips were thinner but I started doing bigger lips and mouth corners turned downwards slightly for a more pouty look. I like it that way, and I don’t think it looks terrible.. so I just went with it.

  4. No no, I didn’t mean to make it sound like something is looking terrible.

    Your pictures are very beautiful. I wasn’t much impressed by this skin when I saw it on myself, and then I look at your pictures and see how really beautiful it is.

    But I can’t help but to notice how your av upper lip looks like it was stretched vertically, and lower lip, looks like your av is always biting it. Not that it’s anything terrible, it just looks unusual.

    It’s just that this upper lip bigger than lower lip is something I only ever saw on SL avies and nowhere else in other pictures or drawings, so I assume it’s strictly a SL trend, and I’ve become curious why.

    Your av is stunner anyway <3

    • I agree with you, I’ve never seen it in drawings or pictures as well, solely on SL.
      If someone would have such lips in RL life they would even look odd (as if someone had been beating them up.. Trust me, I saw a girl with such lips on the bus once LOL *I’m evil.. :(*) and the real trend seems to be the opposite – having a bigger more pouty lower lip or just having “perfect” 50/50 slider lips.

      So I do as well wonder who started it in SL since all skins aren’t made to have an oversized overlip for it then looks horrible & stretched, though now many skin makers makes them so

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  6. I’m not a fan of the lips, but I think it’s the skin, not the shape. Or perhaps it’s the skin AND the shape. In any case, I don’t generally look at Gogo’s pics and think about how relatively teeny her lower lip looks, and that was my first reaction to these.

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