Are you ready for new hairstyles from Maitreya? I’m a really big fan of natural and casual looking styles, cos it matches how I prefer to dress my avatar most of the time. I am wearing all seven new hairstyles in Platinum Blonde:


Maitreya – Natalie | Envi | Envi (back) | Envi II (back)


Maitreya – Envi-Scarf | Joy III | Joy II | Joy

If  you’re like me, you like wearing hats and scarves in SL, but you’re too lazy to modify existing hairstyles to fit underneath them. These four new Maitreya hairstyles solves the problem by having the hat already attached with a hairstyle. The Envi-Scarf style can be worn with the Voluminous Scarf (released last year). All the Joy hairstyles includes a color-changing hat that’s just adorable for this season.

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  1. Love the hair, but the white scarf is what really caught my eye. Would you please tell us the creator? Thanks.

  2. Gogo! I searched for Mr. Poet and didn’t get any results. Can you tell me the name of the store? Pretty please? 🙂

  3. Sorry…something happened to the coordinates there. They are 216, 147, 31.

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