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Cheap Makeup

Cheap Makeup

Left: without lipgloss | Right: with Cheap Makeup “Miss Priss Lipgloss” tattoo

When I tell you I go a lil nuts for tattoo layer makeup, I’m not kidding! I’m actually wearing all 5 tattoo layers here and it’s all on my face. I’m wearing 1. hide system lashes tattoo 2. tattoo lashes & liner 3. tattoo lipstick 4. tattoo lipgloss and 5. tattoo brows. I could probably wear more if I wanted freckles or blush or eyeshadow! But it really does get complicated once you wear too many at once, cos layering them in order is crucial.

Picnik collage

Cheap Makeup – all 6 tattoo layers in the Miss Priss Lipgloss pack

Cheap Makeup has a new pack of Miss Priss lipgloss out that includes two versions (small and large) so it should fit a lot of skins in SL. I’m just so happy that out of 6, 5 of them work pretty well with this skin. I’m wearing the lipgloss tattoo layer over a light matted lipstick because um, you probably wouldn’t wear these on lipsticks that already have lots of lipgloss already.

Cheap Makeup

Cheap Makeup – perfect fit (small size) | too small (small size) | too large (large size)

As you can see, the darker lipgloss tint works better on my skin even though it’s the same size as the lightest tint; the lighest one didn’t blend well (causing a lip liner effect). If it’s too small or too big, it will look off! I guess there’s no “magic” combination, just try ’em on with your favorite skin and see if they work well together.

Cheap Makeup

This is a close-up! The lip liner effect isn’t too bad but too-big lipgloss is not a good look.

Cheap Makeup

Cheap Makeup – tattoo lashes (a gatcha gatcha item)
Left to right: default skin & the rest are with tattoo lashes

Cheap Makeup is the place to go for tattoo lashes. I’m always wear one of these under my prim lashes to create a more lush effect.

How much do I love tattoo layers? TOOO MUUUCHHH!  These are some of the layers I wear to create a totally unique look for myself, cos everything is available in unlimited supply in SL. If you play around with tattoo layers, it’s possible to create a semi-custom skin and not look like a total *ahem* clone.

Visit Cheap Makeup!

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  1. dawnde lane

    lip gloss looks a bit like Ur in a porno.. with um mm… yeah dripping of ya lip…. sorry i know its rude but OK im not sorry lol
    love the eye ones though

    • Natali

      Ugh >.< I can`t not think this when I look at them now!

    • KittyCat

      LOL, perhaps not “that”, but at least saliva running down the lower lips. I got the same nasty feeling tho :}

  2. ariana rush

    looks kinda drooly on the lips but love the color options

  3. anahata

    i’m really really scared to try viewer 2.0 again. i tried it when it first came out and i really disliked it. but i want to use the tattoo layers SO BAD!!! i don’t know what to do. i’m so sick of having weird see thru boxes around my shoes and not being able to enjoy the opportunity to use all this exciting new makeup. is it really worth it? do you get used to the new interface? gahhh! decisions decisions!

    • Ai Velde

      Phoenix Viewer has alpha layer and tattoo layer options and all that good stuff without the bad Viewer 2 interface. Have you tried it, anahata?

      • anahata

        actually believe it or not i toyed with emergence, and just realized tonight i could use the layers, i got so excited about the lipgloss i bought it anyways, planning to break down viewer 2.0. amazingly i clicked on the lipgloss for fun and holy wow! it appeared!

        thanks ai for answering me, is phoenix really good? i got emergence because it was supposed to be really similar to emerald. 🙂

        i love this blog!

        • Ai Velde

          Emergence was made by one of the leading developers on the Phoenix team. It was meant as a band-aid for the loss of the Emerald viewer. It is pretty much 100% the same as the Emerald viewer. And is a continuing project with updates and advancements, rather than Emergence which will never be updated. Emergence has no support for Mac either.

          Give it a try; almost everyone who used Emerald now uses Phoenix.

      • Claire Soderstrom

        Anahata: I’m having the same problem… I LOVE tattoo layers but HATE viewer 2… Let’s hope Imprudence and Phoenix get their multi layers act sorted out soon 🙂
        Ai: Phoenix viewer does not allow for multiple tattoo layers… I think that, for now, only Viewer 2 and Kirtens do…

        • Anahata

          emergence does too, and i like it because it still looks like the old sl viewer to me (i take comfort in familiarity).

          question though. how do you wear multiple layers? it seems when i put on the lips and then tried the eyeshadow the lips came off. is this normal? or is it a setting, or just the viewer that does it.

          • Claire Soderstrom

            Anahata, sorry for delay in replying but Emergence does NOT allow for multi tattoo layers, that’s why your eyeshadow came off. Let’s now wait for Kokua *Imprudence* and that will allow all of this, thankg Gawd.

    • Cherry

      yes you do get used to the new interface, all depends on how fast you get rid of your old habits. i hated my first week but now i will never ever go back not even to any 3rd party

      but i am just a basic user who enjoys to make my dollie pretty and hang with friends

    • KittyCat

      I’ve tried for so long getting used to the new interface but No. There’re a few (LOL, more than a a few, but a few critical) flaws that destroy my SL experience all in all, like making it more troublesome. Since I don’t log on to get annoyed I still use the old viewer but I want the tattoo layers :(!!!!

      For instance, I think the pie menu offers a much quicker way to choose an action than these “drop down” menus since in the pie all options are on the same distance 😛

  4. Aemeth

    I know I’m still a noobie at making things, but… I wish there were standard sizes for making lips for skins, that way it would be easier to create lipstick for them. Everyone has their own way of doing it, but I do wish there were different borders on the default skin template for small, medium and large lips.

  5. Eva

    You mean the bottom left ones are tatoo only? Not prim? They look stunning….

  6. Lee

    Now if Phoenix will just include more than one tattoo layer….i’ll be a happy bunny!

  7. Asia R

    I love love love (love) the tattoo layer make-up options, but i don’t love love love viewer2-so I am stuck with single tattoo layer makeup with Phoenix. The lashes look amazing.

    • Anahata

      oooh i see, only viewer 2 has the multiple layers.

      well go with the old saying in cosmetics, big eyes, or big lips.

  8. Kabalyero

    The problem here is that makeup from other creators may or may not fit exactly on another creators skin line. The best thing to do is buy make-up from the same creator or find a make-up creator who specializes in a particular skin line or brand.

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