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Coco Boots, for real

Hey, While i’ve always liked your pics and write-ups, this one has me a bit sad. The title of the post is about boots, and then you proceed to go on about a jacket, showing only one picture of the boots which show nothing about them. for all you can honestly see in the picture, they might as well be just two black prims. some good pictures of the boots showing a side profile to them etc so people can see what they actually look like instead of simply two pics showing off how good you look in those pictures would be much more appreciated. a little blurb out of three paragraphs about the boots does not mean the post should be entitled Coco boots. -Quandri

Once in awhile, I get feedback on JuicyBomb that I completely agree with! You’re totally right Quandri, that was fail on my part to gush about the boots here, then not even show a close-up picture. What can I say? I was trying to do artsy in-world images and my train of thought when I do those are totally different from my regular* posts.

*Regular = boring snapshot on my pose stand with a plain background.

A lot of bloggers do Look of the Day (LoTD) type posts and never show any close-ups but I actually prefer to shoot something plainly rather than do LoTD type posts. I guess I like to mix it up once in awhile, but when I don’t do a close-up, I get totally called out for it! 😛

Doing close-ups with a plain background is faster for me than going in-world and finding a nice place to take photographs. But it just seems that people in SL are constantly praising the blogs that do “such amazing photos” or people who are awesome at Photoshopping that I feel like my blog is um, boring. Well, boring but it gets the job done because I get between 2000-3000 visits daily (and closer to 4000 when I’m bitching at something, lol).

Anyways, Quandri made a very good point about the CoCo Boots. I should have done a close-up photo. I don’t like it when people gush about something and you can barely see it in their photo, and then.. blah, I did it on my own blog.

So here you go, lots of close-ups! I hope these will encourage you to check out the boots in-world, there are demos! And I’m not paid for by CoCo to do this post.. (or given free shoes, sadly *sobs*).




CoCo – Engineer Boots (Black)
CoCo – Over-the-knee Boots (Black)

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  1. Natasha

    I love those boots and now I need to go by them. Thanks for the blog post! <3

  2. Meila Solo

    omg I have been looking for those boots for ages, they are freaking amazing! Thanks so much for the close-ups!

  3. Quandri

    Thanks Juicy, very much appreciated. The closeups of the engineer boots has definately made me want to go buy them 😀

  4. Lashy

    Lashy is happy that these boots are out. Lashy has been looking everywhere in the grid for moar Viewer 2.+ boots. Lashy talks in third person when she’s all squee inside.

  5. Asia R

    *adds to ‘Things to do list’ -buy boots from coco

    Nice close ups of the boots btw 🙂

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