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CoCo Boots

Coco boots

I bought this beautiful Surf Couture Corridale Coat about three weeks (it was part of 50L Friday) but didn’t get around to actually finding anything to wear it with until today. So if you guys missed it, I guess you’ll have to wait ’til the full release (if there is one).

This has me thinking about how I’m not timely when it comes to blogging “limited” sale items, especially if I only have less than a few days to do it. Grazia made a great little post over on her blog about not blogging weekly cheapies deals anymore, and I think that a lot of people already don’t do it timely enough to benefit the shoppers & designers.

I don’t like to rush things. I’ve been waiting for a pair of boots to wear with this coat that has 2.0 alpha layer so it wouldn’t look like shiat with shadows enabled, and finally, CoCo released these fantastic Over-the-Knee Boots that comes in 2.0 alpha version only. So for people still using really old viewers without alpha layers (is there any viewer out there that doesn’t have it?), you won’t be able to wear these boots.

Coco boots

I’ve finally visited the new Armidi, oops excuse me, Vaschwitzugenplatz sim and there was a gift bag there with a free magazine, gift cards and some other stuff inside it. I think there are glasses somewhere on the floor too. Props to you if you can spell the sim name, but I don’t think I ever will be able to on the first try!

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Yvette (Swedish)
Laqroki – Phoebe2 08 (Fair) Glow Skin
Donna Flora – GABRIELLA necklace
LaGyo – Spina headpiece
Surf Couture – Corriedale Coat
CoCo – Over-the-knee Boots (Black)
Vaschwitzugenplatz – (freebie) MODE Magazine

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  1. Sorcha Irelund

    OMG! Girlie?! I love this. You are so fabulous. I love reading your blog… It’s always exciting when you post something new.

    Thanks for all you do!


    P.S. Please add me to your blogroll 🙂 Thanks <3

  2. Isabelli Anatine

    I was in my rl vacations when this coat was for sale.. and I saw ina blog a day after the sale… I went to Surf Co tu buy it at regular price.. adn guess what? it wasen’t here

    /me makes a sad face.

    I don’t care to pay regular price in something that really worth it. I read Grazia’s blog and agree with her.

    I used to have a shop and I was soo busy in acomplish all dead lines of hunts and sales that I barelly didn’t have fun in SL anymore, so My partner and I decided to sell our brand adn stop with that maddness.

    Freebies and cheapies are good but slowlly it is killing out favorite stores.

    Day by day I receive a “close sale” notecard.

    Now I don’t blog anymore… I just help people to get in shape mostly newbies who doesen’t even know what is a shape.

    • Isabelli Anatine

      Oh sorry , but the coat is now for sale and I already grab it for a reagualr price that I still think is trully cheap for the quality of this iten

  3. Nissa Nightfire

    I can NEVER get anything blogged in a timely fashion — I think I’m finally accepting my limitations. But I still like looking at other folks’ looks, even if I can’t get the exact same thing… so I’m hoping they like looking at mine as well.

  4. Quandri

    Hey, While i’ve always liked your pics and write-ups, this one has me a bit sad. The title of the post is about boots, and then you proceed to go on about a jacket, showing only one picture of the boots which show nothing about them. for all you can honestly see in the picture, they might as well be just two black prims. some good pictures of the boots showing a side profile to them etc so people can see what they actually look like instead of simply two pics showing off how good you look in those pictures would be much more appreciated. a little blurb out of three paragraphs about the boots does not mean the post should be entitled Coco boots.

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