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Hey look, it’s new Truth hair!

Truth Hair

Truth – Rei | Jackie | Robyn

Some people gripe about Truth hair “spamming the feeds” when it’s a new release day. So what? I don’t actually care if I’m the 20th person to blog the same exact thing as everyone else. Usually I am the 20th person (hi, i’m slow!)  to blog a new Truth hair release.

Besides, I have no idea who the other people are who are “spamming the feeds” since I don’t assume that people who read my blog read the feeds, or read other blogs. To somebody out there, this is the first time they’ll see the new hair release (or second time, if they’re on Truth’s subscribo).

So hello to you, who finds this blog useful. <3

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What I’m Wearing:

TenFifteen – Tara Shoulder Top (Pink)
Fishy Strawberry – Knit Sweater (Teal)
Fishy Strawberry – Gonzo Jeans (Cloud)

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  1. Lourdes Denimore

    For what its worth its the first time I’ve seen them in blonde 😀

  2. Anya Navarita

    Personally I check your feed if i haven’t had time to log in world on Thursday or Friday to see (or I go to Truth’s site).

    I am loving all the options he is putting out these days. Especially on Rei. I hate hair that disappears into my boobs, so the “upper” and “lower” options are terrific.

    And how do you manage to look so great in everything?

  3. Agneskate Martinek

    What can i say? Yes i saw many feeds about new hairs from Truth but i can say that always love to see how you blog them. 🙂 You make perfect photos. 🙂
    Sorry for my english.

  4. Leilz Jewell

    Was definitely news to me 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Nissa Nightfire

    /me whispers “and sometimes I just like your pictures better!” 🙂

  6. Chalice Carling

    You do great Truth hair and I believe that given his contribution to the SL beauty industry, he deserves all the exposure that comes his way.

    I say generally – if one doesn’t like a post, skip over it. This use of the term ‘spamming’ amuses me. The feeds are designed to profile old and new stuff but apparently now readers want a coordinated approach to what makes it on to the feeds. For gods sake, be grateful that there are people out there who present this stuff to you on a silver tray for little more reward than a thank you every now and then.

  7. Noctiluca Dix

    New to me!

  8. Savannah Humphreys

    I don’t read the other “feeds” or “blogs.” I read yours…because it’s all I need to see what’s really new and beautiful in our world. So, THANK YOU! And keep the Truth blogs coming.

  9. Lee

    I have to say, i’m really loving the shots on here….your shadow pictures really pop!

  10. Ayami Imako

    The upper and lower part hairs arn’t a new idea. I’ve had hairs with that option for some time now from different stores, but Truth does them soo well. They blend seamlessly and its hard to tell its two parts. Another thing I love about hairs like this is you can often combine the lower part with other styles to get entirely different looks. He continues to be .. at least in my opinion .. the best hair designer in SL.

  11. dawnde lane

    very nice to see a new way of snapping ya pics! haven’t seen this and they are way cute love um!

  12. Jennah Kenin

    This is the only SL Blog that I read and Love the Truth hair updates! So Tyvm!!

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