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LOGO hair

LOGO has just released four new hairstyles and they’re so cute! You may remember that LOGO launched last month during Hair Fair, and now they’ve moved into their new main store.

LOGO hair

LOGO – Rebecca | Teresa | Teresa II | Victoria (Platinum)

Visit LOGO

What I’m Wearing:

Fishy Strawberry – Eos Babydoll Dress

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  1. Mitzy Burns

    This is why you blog!

    With so much on offer in Sl it really is hard to keep up at times! We want to know what’s new and we want the best (why else would we be such avid Gogo followers?!) To have the time to be able to research new sims offering quality merchandise is worth it’s weight in gold for those of us who just can’t put that time in! Rl Shmarl L..those that can, do…and those that can’t are really grateful for the tips…New sim “Logo”…nice one, never heard of them before and without your tip, probably never would have! So, all you nay sayers… totally missing the point.. cheers Hon!

    • Victoria MacFanatic

      oh logo is great, not a fan of their skins but its neat that you can custom them using a website & its pretty affordable (under 3k for a custom skin O.O). And I like the store layout its nice and open.

  2. Torley

    Thanx for the pointer to this hair! Wearing it now.

    Keep up the tutorials too!

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