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POSEUR Gliques!

Hey GLeeks! POSEUR has a smoking hot new set of poses that features the sexy trio from Glee! Join us in the Lock Room (complete with props and poses) or grab some friends to try our Glique poses!

POSEUR - Locker Room

POSEUR - Glique 1

POSEUR - Glique 2

POSEUR - Glique 3

POSEUR - Glique MegaPack

Visit POSEUR at Juicy

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  1. Sally

    LOL, what first came to my mind was: Jailbait poses?

    Then, those in Glee gotta be older than that 😀
    Nice poses you’ve made though 🙂

  2. Libby Farleigh

    Sooo excited to play with these later!

  3. lysie

    love the poses… but where you got the socks?? they are soooooooo cute please please. tell me ^^

    • Gogo

      BOOM socks

  4. Random101

    These poses are awesome! and I Heart that red and white striped shirt, where is it from?

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