How to wear multiple tattoo layers

I get this question a lot so I thought I would make a quick tutorial. Wearing multiple tattoos is really simple, but you’ll have to use a viewer that has this feature enabled. I am using the latest SL 2.30 Beta viewer, so the tutorial is for this viewer only and not older viewers or any other Third Party viewer.

How to wear multiple tattoo layers:

  • Go to your inventory and select the tattoo layer that you want to wear and right click -> ADD

How to wear multiple=

  • Do this for any tattoo layer that you want to add-on (up to 5 times) and you will be able to wear multiple tattoo layers

That’s it! 🙂

How to wear multiple=

When you click the little SHIRT (My Appearance) icon, and go to Wearing tab, you should see all the tattoo layers you’re wearing listed there, and right click “take off” to remove any layer.

Helpful tip: Tattoo layers are shown in the order that they’re worn. For example, I typically wear Eyeshadow -> then eyeliner -> then lashes. If you do it the other way around, lashes may be hidden under the eyeshadow layer and it won’t look as nice. If something doesn’t show up as well, just remove it and wear it again so it sits on top the other layers.

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  1. Gogo, Thanks for doing this tutorial! I never knew it worked this way and I was always trying to figure it out lol. I’m so happy now I know how to actually WEAR my tattoo layers & makeup! lol 😀

  2. I want to add that the add option also works with every other clothing layer and prim attachments!!

  3. I never knew it worked like this! Thank you GoGo, you are such a wealth of knowledge 🙂 This gives me incentive to try the LL viewer again.

  4. The Add-multiple layer work also with “drag&drop” way on the avatar…select all the Tattoo that You want to wear…click and “drag & drop” on the AV… no apperiance mode is needing…^;^

  5. Is there an easy way to SAVE the layer order as an outfit in My Outfits? I have not had much success with this. Thanks!

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  7. I wish Imprudence would allow us to wear multiple layers. (SL2 wont work on my computer anymore) It’s limited to only one. I’ve tried clicking another, or right clicking to see if it had the option to add, & no. It’ll just remove the one I already had on. Boo :[

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  9. Unfortunately this doesn’t work as of the date I’m posting this. I’m using Phoenix and I don’t get the option to ADD for any of my 2.0 tats. Sad.

        • Abrah, i don’t either that’s why i’d like to know if it is possible to link the layers.

          i switched from Phoenix 1.52(908) to Viewer 2, added the layers, which was great! but when i switched back to Phoenix i could only see my first layer – not sure if those using Viewer 2 could see all my layers.

          its a shame coz i prefer Phoenix. but now use Viewer 2 just because i can customise my av’s appearance better. and not sure if those using Phoenix can see all my layers anyway?!

  10. hiyas

    very helpful!

    also, i know it is possible to link the layers – do u know how?


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  12. OH MY GAWWWWWWWD I had no idea we could do this and I just stumbled across this post MORE THAN A YEAR after you posted it! LOL!

    Thank you! MY SLIFE IS CHANGED!!

    <— Realllllllly late bloomer :-

  13. OMG! Thank you soooooooooooo very much for the tip on how to wear multiple tattoo layers! I did not think it could be done. So, the tattoo layers show up according to the order you wear them? Hmm, I cannot wait to log on and load them up. I really like your photography and the delicate soft pink hues which to me are recognizable as a subtle Juicy Bomb trademark which makes your blog unique. (kuddos)

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