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Head Mistress

Head Mistress – Lovely Lena | Little Things | Untamed Hearts (Blonde 1)

Head Mistress has 3 new hairstyles and they’re stunning! At $150L per fatpack, these hairstyles are hard to pass up! My favorite one is all of them, but I really like the  Little Things style cos I can pretend it’s named after Juicy. Juicy Littlething! 😛

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I’m all smiles today cos I stumbled into Unique Megastore and found this little gem, the new Kristten skin! This skin only comes in this light tone, but has lots of options (sexy breasts, hair base, open mouth) and a free pair of eyes.

Unique Megastore

I think the skin is so pretty, look at those luscious lips! I really want this skin with a lighter brows option, but I’ll make it work with Blonde hair if I have to!

Surf Co

A close-up of the Surf Couture Olea Boots. This is my favorite find from 50L Friday 2 weeks ago. How realistic does that texture look? I’m looking forward to these in more colors *hint hint*


What I’m Wearing:

Head Mistress – Little Things (Blonde 1)
Unique Megastore – Kristten 01 (Nany Merlin) sexy breasts
Hucci – Basics Skirt (Cranberry)
Gigi Couture – White Tank Baggy Short
AddiCt – Doll Necklace
Surf Couture – Olea Boots (Worn)

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  1. Wow! What an improvement in Unique’s skins. Love it when I forget about a place for a while, only to find out that much work has gone on in making something new for us “skin freaks”. Have to say I have been totally in awe of Laq’s prolific output recently, but never seem to end up wearing them for long. Very stylised and that is not a diss. However, the new range of skins at Unique is offering something for everyone, a refreshing change. I plumped for Suzie in the end but recommend you just go and try them all on. Another great tip Gogo, Cheers!

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