cheLLe – EyePops (tattoo eyeliners)

cheLLe - EyePops (tattoo eyeliners)

✿ cheLLe ✿ has a new set of eight tattoo eyeliners! The EyePops set is named after delicious fruits like Papaya, Lime, Guava.. etc! These tattoos will work as both eyeliners or eyeshadows, so you can wear them alone or as an add-on to some of your favorite skins 🙂

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cheLLe @ SL Marketplace

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  1. would be lovely with a prewiew picture included when it is unpacked, i have a hard time remembering every single makeup i have LOL

    i absolutely love these

  2. Gogo, the lashes you’re wearing in this pic look great with the new make-up. What are the brand and name of the lashes?

    Thanks so much!

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