Have you seen these new Esprit De Sable Boots from Courtisane? I really love their shoes cos the colors matches LeeZu’s outfits perfectly. If you didn’t already know, the Courtisane brand is a collaboration between two designers Enktan Gully and LeeZu Baxter.


I was so happy when I found out these boots comes with an alpha version too, but there was an error so I couldn’t wear it. The alpha version was not completely free of invisiprims! There was an invisiprim wrapping the top of the boots and if you take snapshots with shadows enabled, it was not transparent and it looked bad. So I asked Enktan for an update and waited.. and waited, and it was finally fixed! 🙂

If you purchased the boots before this fixed update, I would suggest asking Enktan Gully for an update. For people who don’t enable shadows at all, this is not a ‘problem’ but I love shadows so I need my shoes completely free of invisiprims.

Here are some more colors…



These new fully sculpted LeeZu Maria jackets are adorable! If you like to match, get the Courtisane Boots in a matching color.

What I’m Wearing:

Head Mistress – Lovely Lena: Blonde1
AOHARU – LaceRuffleSkirt (White)
Pacadi Jasha – Sophi Bra (#06)
LeeZu – Maria Jacket (Champagne)
Courtisane – Esprit De Sable (OldWhite)

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  1. I bought my jacket the day they sent out the notice of its newness…I love it! BTW, that’s a GREAT skirt, too! Love it all.

  2. I love the skirt got it aswell..
    But i thought it contained the top aswell? Anyone knows where i am able to find it?

  3. The boots haven’t been updated in store yet, purchased 11/12. That’s too bad, I love the style but am not interested in seeing the conflict with other transparencies now that alpha layers are in use. These are also a pain to fit via the menu!

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