Mozz tattoo eyelashes

A lot of people asked me where to get nice tattoo lashes so I thought I would do a quick post about a recent find. These Mozz tattoo eyelashes offers a nice range of subtle and natural lashes to wear alone or underneath prim lashes. I like wearing two of the layers at once to create thicker lashes.

Tattoo lashes are a great way to enhance your eyes without the frustration of fitting prim lashes. I really like these for certain hairstyles when the bangs interfere with my prim lashes.

Visit Mozz! (the complete set is just $100L)

Mozz tattoo eyelashes

(SL skin with no lashes) | Mozz tattoo eyelashes 1-4

Mozz tattoo eyelashes

Mozz tattoo eyelashes 5-9

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  1. Tattoo Layering:
    1 Lips
    2 Eye Liner
    3 Eye Shadow
    4 Blush
    5 Freckles
    6 Eye Brows
    7 Eye Lashes (x2 for thicker ones)

    Not sure who designed the 6 layers but they obviously don’t wear makeup 🙂

  2. gogo i just went through the past few months of your posts seeing if you list or mention anything about these teeth your wearing in this post..are they part of the skin? i’m desperate for these teeth gogo..please post where you got them..pleaseee…and if not you can send me a private message and i’ll give you lots of linden..ok..well maybe not lots..ok..i may not have any linden..but…surely we can work something out????????????
    signed, toothless in tacoma

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