What Next Nordic Cabin

Cajsa Lilliehook is one of the nicest SL resident that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. She’s currently in the hospital recovering from surgery, so I’ve decided to wear Cajsa’s favorite hair color for this blog post. I think everyone should go Ginger at least once this week for Cajsa and send her lots of get well soon wishes!

What Next Nordic Cabin

The new What Next Nordic Cabin is the perfect place to blog my outfit today. I love cute lil prefabs that I can use as a backdrop for my photos. I like that it comes with a rezzer, so the set-up time is oh… 2 seconds. If you can click a prim, you can set this up in an instant. The furnished version is just so cozy, and includes everything you (and a friend!) may need for a nice Winter retreat. I just love the wood-burning stove and kettle that dispenses mugs of hot chocolate… yum!

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What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Chantelle (Carrot)
Magic Nook – Afternoon Sweater (Green)
Couverture – Fur Miniskirt (Dark Brown)
LaGyo – Pallium poncho+necklace (texturechange)
LeLutka – Pow Pumps (Brown)

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    • I went to buy the cabin and wound up buying the furnished Coastal Loft skybox for many more L$ instead. I blame Gogo.

  1. i agree, Cajsa is one of the sweetest person i’ve ever meet on SL too, and i really hope she will recover fast.

    Ty Gogo for the nice post and thought


  2. Omg Cajsa, did u have news about her?? Hope she get well soon <33

    Btw..u look really pretty in red!!!!I have this thing for ginger haired girls/guys XD

    Lovely post..and ty 😀

  3. wow! You make a beautiful Ginger. I only just saw this post and now i am all teary-eyed. Course, still in hospital and have no mascara, so at least I am not dripping black down my cheeks. Thank you so much for the post and for going ginger. I know that had to be hard! lol


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