1. I used to wear reds and gingers all the time, but now I wear pale blue when I can find it. 😀

  2. i’m a blonde in real life so it’s hard for me to be any other color, although i do get the odd freebie in a brown or red that i’ll wear with certain skins that look better with those colors (eyebrows, skin tones etc)

  3. Hmmn, surprised you didn’t separate out an option monochromes as black seems a pretty popular choice. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute

    • Yea me too, I love black…I do dark brown now haha. I have black hair in RL but it will always be my number one choice. I’ve been almost every color so it was tough to choose. So I just picked what I am now. :).

  4. It’s surprising that brunettes are beating out blondes. I thought everybody (except me) wanted to be blonde.

  5. quick question (I might have accidently asked this somewhere else, so sorry if I did)

    I know that the tattoo layer can only be worn on Viewer 2, but can others who aren’t using viewer 2 see them?

    • Yes they can. The texture is baked with them, so they’ll see your tattoos just fine.

      I like blondes and brunette hair colors pretty equally, but it seems like oftentimes the brunette colors are just richer in tone for most SL hair.

    • But also, if your using Phoenix or Imprudence (so far as I know, the two major non-official viewers) they have tattoo layers possible.
      Though currently only one layer worn at a time.

  6. i used to be a blond all the time but now i wear black hair..somehow the blond hair feels like a wig now!

  7. I voted brunette, but honestly I have so many avatars and each of them has a ‘signature color’.

    I can’t figure out a way to incorporate those pinks & blues I love to wear in, but I’d love to.

  8. I rarely see brunettes in SL – guess I’m hanging out at the wrong places, eh…

    My avatar isn’t exactly me but still similiar and I just can’t identify myself/my avatar with any other hair color than brownish colours as it’s my RL hair colour.. Even if I sometimes go blonde – but never for a longer period of time.
    Guess it satisify the stereotype of a Swede if I wear blonde, so I won’t get all the silly questions from stranger avatars 😛

  9. I actually go through phases as far as my preference goes, but I switch constantly depending on outfit, skin etc…

  10. I’ve worn blue since a month into starting Second life. Now it’s a darker blue but still blue ^_^

  11. When I first started SL, and for a couple years after that, it was red all the way. …Now I can barely imagine anything except black hair.

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