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Bye Bye Canimal


I’m willing to bet that a lot of people haven’t heard of Canimal. This brand was one of my favorites in SL way way back in uh.. 2007-2008. I never did like the skins but I loved the casual clothes and some accessories. I haven’t worn my Canimal items in a long time, so when I read that Canimal is closing, I wondered what took so long? Nothing new was released for over one and a half years, so it didn’t come as a surprise.

I wonder if Canimal Zephyr will relaunch under a new brand or is this truly goodbye?

My prediction is that in 2011, we will see lots of “oldbie” designers re-branding or launching new brands to stay fresh.


I’m posting a picture of a few of my favorite Canimal items from back in the day. These things are considered so-so now, the seams are more noticeable than before. I was pretty newb then so I didn’t know to look for seams, and they didn’t really matter that much then. Designers in SL have improved so much and we pretty much expect items to be seamless or pretty darn close.

Visit Canimal if you want a last look before it’s gone 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Canimal – Candy Collection (heart shorts)
Canimal – Lust (pink dots)
Canimal – Streetwear2 (Kawaii-Ts)
Canimal – Blingphones! (Pink)
Truth – Lulu (Swedish)
Pink Fuel – Pnk/White Heart Lollipop

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  1. Victoria MacFanatic

    where did you get your lipstick/teeth layer…I wants it o.o!

    • Marcia

      i want that too!!!

      • Lisiel Andel

        I want to know that too! They look great!

  2. Marcia

    Canimal was one of my favorites too, for long time… i though was closed already, since my old LM wanst working and i never heard about the shop again. very nice that u did this post Gogo! 🙂

  3. Shiori Carter

    oh i have canimal stuff from way back to 🙂

  4. Arabella

    One of the great things about digging through old inventory is seeing just how much designers and creators have improved, and also the improvement of the tools with which they create. Canimal is a good example of this – I too had a truck load of stuff back in the day – 2006 I think. In a sense, those older earlier creators paved the way for many of the the new designers we see today. I do wonder if Canimal will revamp and rebrand with updated skills – could be quite exciting if so.

  5. Vianne Bellic

    I still wear a couple of her dresses!
    They’re cheeky-cute!
    Sad to see them go, but its an excuse to shop like mad, eh?

  6. Rachel Schmidt

    Canimal was the first place I stalked clothing wise lol, I used to check weekly for new stuff. I remember some of my first clothing items being from there 😉 and lemmie tell ya, I thought i was HOT. lol… good memories and a great store, hopefully she’s cooking up something new~

  7. Chamomile Theas

    Aw… bye bye Canimal and come back sooon

  8. Allison M.

    Oh this makes me so sad 🙁 I remember the good old days of Naughty and Canimal, and the old ETD. My first ‘minnu model skin’. and the days when redgrave released regularly.

    now everyone’s a ‘designer’ and eh.

    thanks so much for doing this post gogo <3

  9. Eurydice Barzane

    I was over at her store less than two weeks ago to see if anything new was going on – it wasn’t – but I had no idea the store was closing 🙁
    I actually loved her last skin line when it was released in 08 – it was great for fantasy/fae type wear – and I also own that lingerie set you’re wearing in your piccie.
    I’ll have to log in and run over for a last look around – the Canimal flickr group was wonderful, because she’d pick a few of her favourite Canimal related photo’s and put them in the store or on the wall behind the freebie cart.
    I hope Canimal revamps – it’s one store I’ll truly miss…

  10. Anahata

    I used to sit there forever at the donuts waiting for my letter to get a free dress/etc, when i was a noob and had no money. i also had no place to call home and you could drop things on the land so me and my sister used to hide out behind a wall and pull all our fab outfits together back there hoping no one would come around the corner and catch us! great times!

    i too went back there about a month ago, since it had been a long time and i have money now.. loved those little mini skirt dresses.

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