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Chaisuki – Paris Skin

Chaisuki - Paris

Chaisuki – Paris (Special Layer: Bloody)

Chaisuki has just released the newest Paris skin and I think it is the best one to date. The face is beautiful and there are so many options — even if I didn’t like the skin, I would get it just for the tattoo layers.

The Chaisuki Paris skin has 18 makeups, 6 skin tones, 5 hairbases, 5 eyebrow colors, 18 different lipsticks tattoo, alternative breasts, tan line, public hair and special layers (face diamonds, bloody face, blush, eyeliner, beauty mark and opened lips). Phew!

Chaisuki - Paris

Chaisuki - Paris

I’m showing just 8 of 18 makeups above. The possibilities are endless cos you can mix-and-match any of the makeups with the 18 additional lipstick tattoos.

Chaisuki - Paris

Chaisuki – Paris (Special Layer: Ornament)

Chaisuki - Paris

Chaisuki – Paris (Regular lips | with teeth tattoo)

I just love the way Chai Kazan does teeth. The “teeth” tattoo can be worn over ANY skin cos it is a transparent layer. I have tested it over my Laqroki skins, and it works beautifully. I love the look of these teeth, they’re small and very pretty, and just different from any that I’ve seen in SL.

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What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Bianca (Dusk)
Katat0nik – (Red) Lil’ Thailor
LeLutka – Pow Pumps (Red)

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  1. Sedge Weyland

    Loving the Dahlia layer, there.

  2. Sydd Sinister

    those teeth are great, they dont freak me out at all

  3. Cherry

    best teeth i have seen yet, so so cute.

    i am loving how it does not look like a huge overbite

  4. CallejaFairey

    i absolutely love the face on this skin. i have a face that does not work nicely with most skins, and surprisingly, this works beautifully. but, i am disapointed in the body. the belly button has some pixelation around it, and the belly, back and arms are splotchy…specially as you get into the darker tones, so they look fine from a distance, but not nice as you move in closer. so, even with how nicely they work for my face shape, i have to pass šŸ™

  5. Gabi Fitzgerald

    I love the face too. But I think it’s weird that everyone loves the teeth… eheh I don’t like them. I think it’s strange that the lower teeth are showing. Anyways, I’ll try the demos on my skin, maybe I’ll change my opinion. šŸ˜€

  6. Gabi Fitzgerald

    Hi šŸ˜€ Me again.. lol just tried the demos and the skin is just love imho. The face is just pretty as it looks on your pics. I love all the tattoo layers options but still, except the teeth. Waiting a little money saving to get a fatpack asap! šŸ™‚ Thank you for this post, or I wouldn’t go try the demos.

  7. Natali

    Looking so lusciously lickable there! Such a lovely fresh and luminous skin. I think I`ll go see how this works with my blonde.

  8. Tinka Garnet

    I love the tattoo layers of the skin but I wish she had given all the lipsticks in a single skin cos I got only 3 with one purchase neways that would not be fair I guess..its great work btw and ur doing a fab job at blogging gogo šŸ™‚

  9. Chantelle

    Ooh the teeth look really cute šŸ˜€

  10. Sally

    Disappointed in the body and think the face lacked a little bit of detail perhaps but such yummy lips, haha šŸ˜€

    About the teeth – sure, very pretty but I think it’s odd that it’s a “hole” in the MIDDLE of the mouth displaying teeth though it would be a very “fake” pose – instead I think I’d prefer a wider “hole” displaying teeth which would look more natural like “Ops! Teeth showing” not “Errr, trying to get my teeth to show in an awkward pose”.

  11. Shiori Carter

    Ornament layer – Thats 8 now , or 9 now:)

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