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Curio: Autumn & Yum

Curio: Autumn

Curio released two skins this weekend, and that was so unexpected and exciting. I’ve been anticipating a new Curio release for quite some time, so I was beyond happy that there’s two new faces to choose from.

The first one is Autumn, which features a classic Curio look that we’ve all come to love. I really like this face and especially the lips. Some changes that you’ll notice with this new release is that there are now two brows options (Blonde and Brown), and only 8 makeups (not 16 like before).

Curio: Autumn

Curio: Autumn

Curio – Autumn

Curio: Autumn

Curio – Autumn Brows

Curio: Yum

This is the Yum face, which I think of as the “new” face cos it has a different face shading, a totally new nose and a different set of eyebrows. I’m not sure I am a fan of the dark nostrils (I’m picky like that!) and I think the nose looks wiiide on my avatar, so I decreased the width a lot to compensate. However, from what I’ve read on Plurk, people seem to really like this nose, dark nostrils and all, so I may be alone in this opinion, booo.

I do think this skin may work better on darker tones (Sundust and beyond), so give it a try! These lips are flawless and to die for!

Curio: Yum

Curio: Yum

Curio – Yum

Curio: Yum

Curio – Yum Brows

I’m curious to know what people think about the new changes to the fatpacks (two brows vs two different makeups). Do you guys like the changes? Do you like the new nose?

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  1. Liess

    Imma sucker for make ups, so i kinda think its a negative thing. and means i will change skin faster than normal…

  2. Vianne Bellic

    I wish all skin designers would now (with the addition of tattoo’s working as make-up layers) just make a few base skin options (eg: ‘shaved’ ‘not shaved’ or freckles/no freckles -something like that) and then provide you with a plethora of makeup options -cheaply- which work on all their skin tones!

    You could mix and match and still keep the essence of your skin/shape!
    Then again, I guess they’d prefer you bought all the makeup options in their skins than cheaper make-ups…

  3. SadieMae

    I miss the extra makeups, but i also like the 2 shades of brows, becasue before there was some makeups i liked that only came with blond brows and i need dark brows no matter what. I wish they would put brows on a tattoo layer and leave teh extra makeups.

  4. Yoko Leeeroy

    If I had to choose, I think I would pick different brows. I wish I didn’t have to choose! I am a tattoo makeup creator/junkie, but much of the time I leave Curio’s lips uncovered because they are just gorgeous! So I guess I wish for both.

  5. Tycho

    I’m really loving the color and detail on those lips/lipsticks. The skin looks very young and sweet, which is a total plus for me. But personally I’m not a fan of the darker nostrils either. I find them a little distracting from the other facial features. Other than that, I really like it.

  6. Mochi

    Regarding Vianne’s comment above, from my personal experience, it’s a bit more difficult to create a eyeshadow on a tattoo layer vs a lipstick. This is due to some creators using layer effects such as Opacity, Multiply, Soft Light etc that give really realistic results but do not translate when you do a tattoo layer. It certainly is possible though to get these effects without resorting to layer effects, but a lot more of trial and error.

  7. Willis

    I will miss the 2nd makeup for sure, it was always the biggest draw for me, and i’m really not fussed about brows, i’ll make them work whatever they are, so yeah i’m kinda bummed, but it also won’t stop me from buying them anyway.

    Hopefully she will make tattoo layers for a smaller amount and that way we get our makeup fix too πŸ˜€

  8. Cady

    there are all too many Curio skins I LOVED that I wouldn’t wear, as the brows didn’t go with my hair in the least! There were always MANY more dark options than light.. this thrills me, I’ll miss the more extravagant makeups, but to be honest, many of them were too dramatic on my avatar for everyday wear.

    Great post Gogo, thanks!

  9. dawnde lane

    i actually had a tingle go down my spine when i saw curio skin release!!!

    OMG CURIO HAS NEW SKIN OUT! is now sitting in my friends im box lol

  10. Angelique

    I’m sure I’m the last one to know but can you explain what the difference between the light and dark in the makeups are?

    • Wilma Delgado

      Gala always does a light and dark version of each skin tone. You’re actually getting two sets of skins in each pack.

      • Angelique

        Thank you Wilma !

  11. Ann Launay

    I’ll miss the makeups, but I’m excited about the brows. The one thing that regularly made me sad was Gala releasing skins I couldn’t wear because the brows were too light.

    Oh, and stop doing this for attention, Gogo! :-p

  12. Ashe Anthony

    Great review!
    I agree, I also miss the 2 makeups. I don’t like that the Bean tones have blonde brows πŸ™

    Both skins are pretty though, but I love Yum much more.

  13. Nari

    I was anxiously awaiting for Curio new releases and I was so happy to see the notice that new Curio skins were out. Curio are my favorite skins ^^ I love the Autumn ones… it is so gorgeous. But I am not a big fun of Yum skins. I am too picky too ^^ and I didnt like the dark nostrils and I noticed that the nose became bigger… the lips are yummy but because of those details I am not thinking to have that skin at all. But I do need the autumn one!! lol πŸ™‚

    Gogo, congratulations for your excellent blog and for having such a beautiful avatar. Every skin looks wonderful on you :)))

  14. Anastasia Trefusis

    I love Yum, tried it on and bought it in about 5 minutes last night. I usually agonize over a skin purchase for months, too.

    I love the fact that this is a different looking face, and the nostrils don’t bother me. I found the nose on Autumn far too narrow for my taste.

    I do miss the makeup options, and I kind of wish there was a brow that suited redheads better. So I guess I want it all. But for the fatpack price you get 64 skins, that’s amazing.

    The lips are delicious.

  15. Inuoko

    Would it be wrong to ask what shape this is? It very well compliments the shape. πŸ™‚ Is it by curio or gogo or something else?

    • Gogo

      its my own shape πŸ™‚

      • Inuoko

        Wow thats wonderful!

  16. Libby Farleigh

    I was so excited about these new skins but I have to say I’m disappointed. Autumn is very very similar to the older faces, after all this time I was hoping for something more evolved. As gorgeous as Yum’s lips are I find the triangular nostrils on both Yum and Autumn offputting, especially with so many alternatives available with ‘normal’ shaped nostrils. I guess as always it comes down to personal taste and preference, and my Linden balance is much healthier for me not loving these, but fingers crossed for next time as I really do love Curio in general!

  17. Sansarya

    Was glad to see the skin on the face isn’t noticeably lighter than the skin on the rest of the body, as with previous skins. It’ s a huge improvement to me, and it was the first thing I noticed when I looked at these skins.

  18. Victoria MacFanatic

    I really liked the Yum but Idk if I’d buy it or not, though its pretty cute so I might get it in a plain make up and use make up layers to jazz it up. I didn’t notice the shadow on the nose but then again my shape is totally different then your’s. Always goes to show, try a demo before you swear off the skin, cause I thought I wouldnt really like Yum but I ended up liking it more the autumn.

  19. Shiori Carter

    Boo πŸ™‚

    I am all for one skin, lots of makeups, much cheaper, and more possibilities. I am a convert to the tattoo layer, but have not tried out eyebrows on tattoo yet.

  20. Keksakallu

    May I ask what that brunette hair is you’re wearing?

  21. Kira Zobel

    πŸ™ No freckles?
    *Cries in a corner*

    • Marianne Little

      Yes they still have freckles! I was there trying on a demo, and the skins still have light/dark, freckles and no freckles.

  22. Ayami Imako

    I gotta say I am not a fan of Yum’s nose at all. It just plain looks weird to me. I do like alot of the new makeups though.

  23. Jai Skytower

    Where did that hair come from? its awesome!

  24. Deity Eternal

    i kinda like the yum skin, dark nose n all. shrugs. Kinda nice seeing you as a something other then blonde too actually, i like it on you.
    While im at it could you please add me to your blog list please prolly under freesites as its more a help guide. ( already done a link to you πŸ™‚


  25. Leila Mcgee

    I just got the Autumn and Yum skins because I’ve been buying Gala skins since the beginning and always love them (I am a skin junkie however). I haven’t tried them all on yet but so far love the Autumn because I usually wear reddish hair. The type of shape is crucial with these skins and not all shapes will go with them (including ones made by Curio).

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