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Glam Affair – Castalia Skin

Glam Affair - Castalia

Glam Affair – Castalia (Light | Natural | Medium Tan)

I tried the new Glam Affair Castalia skin this past weekend and to my surprise, I really liked the Medium Tan skin tone more than the Light and Natural, which is what I would normally wear. I thought Light tone was way too pale, better suited for an RP skin (like Vampire or Goth), so I tried on the Natural tone, and still, that wasn’t really my favorite. I didn’t like the way it photographed because the tone seemed ashy with my preferred Windlight settings.  However, when I tried on the Medium Tan, I liked the skin a lot more because it was warmer and really suits the dark brows.

The Castalia skins comes with 12 makeups and public hair layers (something I never use, but I suppose it’s useful….):

Glam Affair - Castalia

Glam Affair - Castalia

The lipsticks are really nice on these, I kind of wish they were on tattoo layers so I can borrow some of the lipsticks for my other skins. What I didn’t like was the shadow on the lower lip. You can’t really see it too well on my pictures but in-world the shadow is very noticeable and dark. Also the highlight on the upper lip is too sharp so it looks pixelated. Am I took picky? I do notice these things even if others seem to ‘not care’ as much.

Glam Affair - Castalia

Overall, I think that this skin is better suited for Brunette hair colors, especially if you like a warmer tan tone.

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  1. Isabelli Anatine

    There is a Haloween version of castalia on Glam Affair group notices (a ridiculous small fee to join) and other exclusive vamp skin at The Dressing Room for just 70L.. .

  2. Kabalyero

    Wow! High quality skins for just 70L$?

    That can’t be beat! Anything for the guys? 😀

  3. M4ri1yn Magic

    Love the skin on you again!
    I can recognize you in every skin and I must say that 99/100 you always look very nice.
    Thank you for the review Gogo!
    (speaking of pixelated, can you tell Onyx to remove that terrible lock? Hugs!)

    • Gogo

      Yah, I did notice for some reason this particular hair strand was not as smooth as others. Odd!

  4. Agneskate Martinek

    And what about teeth? It is great skin but texture of teeth could be more improve.

  5. Destiny Margulies

    “Public hair” made me giggle : )

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