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Hucci has just released the cutest Rhinestone Velvet Lingerie set, so I played around with tattoo layers and wore matching lipstick and nails 🙂 I love this set but it shows a lil bit too much nips! I wish it came with a modest version too. I’m wearing the Lipstick Red color, which is perfect for Autumn and Winter.

Analog Dog

Analog Dog – Kathryn | Full bright (original) | Full bright unchecked | Hair after I modded

Analog Dog is one of those shops that I will buy from occasionally but I kind of hate it. A couple of months ago I deleted my entire Analog Dog folder cos I just didn’t like the older “flickering” hairstyles anymore. I went back for some of the newer hairstyles cos I do like them but ugh, it’s full bright. The demo and the hair is sold as full bright and that’s just not a true representation of the hair color. When I purchased the lighter blondes pack, I unchecked full bright and the alpha hair looked really odd so I had to modify the hair to remove all of them, and now it looks better (see picture above).

If Queue Marlowe is reading this, please offer demos with full bright unchecked too? Full bright makes the hair look so newb and horrible in-world.

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  1. Ann Launay

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind making hair (or skirts or jewelry or…) full bright at all. Unless ‘radioactive’ is your ideal look for SL.

    • Kira Zobel


  2. Savannah

    Perhaps they do it BECAUSE full bright can hide an array of mistakes…until you turn it off, that is.

  3. Vega

    I think it looks great on every color BUT blonde. When wearing Analog Dog hair I always go for the reds, browns and its crazy cool for weird colors.
    Seems like some stores are better for different colors. I hate Maitreya’s reds but she does a great blonde.

    • Blaise Glendevon

      I think it’s generally agreed upon that Truth’s reds are the gold standard for natural looking gingers.

      • Delila

        I prefer Friday for reds, to be perfectly honest. Her Passionate Red is the best ginger I’ve come across. Elikatira (being the same person) comes close.

  4. Pixel Dunst

    Analog Dog hair always has a lot of problems. Like the black pallet is just a tinted dark brown in several gray shades. So the darkest has no highlights anymore and the lighter blacks appear to have a color mix when surfaces have different angles to the sunlight (which happens when you tint stuff). Also the transparency issues (the flicker effect) on the lighter hair colors are really bad.

  5. Sugarr Delight

    Ummm, many people who make hair with alpha strands set the hair to full bright BECAUSE it looks better in world for the majority of people. Please bear in mind that not everyone is aware of or uses windlight, to preset for perfect lighting. The fact is sl has had a bug for years now for alpha flicker which is not the creator’s fault and they merely do what they can to compensate for it. I agree that taking pictures at night or in different lighting, or just wearing a full bright item can be ugly but most of the items that I see set this way aremod so it can be turned off as wanted.

    I have known Queue for some time and been a fan of hers for even longer, since this is not my first avatar by far. She was one of the first to even attempt this kind of hair and still makes some of the prettiest curl textures around (imho) and I think it is highly unfair of you to call her out this way. Your post is skewed towards your own preferences, which as an idea is fine but without stating these are your own preferences, you make it sound like there’s something wrong with the quality of the hair itself and I think I and many others would disagree on that point. You have a preference, for example, for shadows (which I personally don’t bother with at all) and for full bright off. Fine, that’s your preference. But because this product doesn’t come conducive to that, doesn’t make the product bad. I personally hate sculpted hair, it’s usually very stiff and looks like a hair shaped hat to me. It’s great for pictures but looks terrible when you’re just walking around. I don’t think that makes it bad hair or the creator a bad creator, it just so happens that I don’t prefer it and don’t buy brands that are primarily sculpted without any natural movement. I feel the same way about most sculpted skirts and other items which would naturally have a good bit of movement in real life. Just my preference. See the difference?

    • Gogo

      Actually, I think almost everyone is using Windlight now, whether they know how to play around with the Windlight Settings is another matter, as Windlight is built into all the latest official SL clients (even SL 1.23). I have no way of knowing if wearing non-full bright hair is preferred by most people or not, I’m gonna assume so, as everyone I have asked says they turn full bright off when they purchase Analog Dog hair.

      This post is not unfair to Queue, it is merely a suggestion to included a version with non-full bright in her demos for some of us (or a lot of us) who wear her hair this way. It’s up to her, really, if she wants to or not as she doesn’t seem to be willing to change after years of being in the biz.

    • Blaise Glendevon

      By it’s very definition, a review is skewed towards the user’s preferences. That doesn’t make it unfair, or an attack. It is an honest assessment of how useful the product is to one person who purchased it and then used it in world.

      If you like it, that’s fine. And expressing your contrary opinion respectfully would be fine. I just cannot take another histrionic “OMG, U ARE SO MEEN” response about a useful piece of information.

      • Ann Launay

        Gogo is so so very terribly mean for featuring this hair in some cute pics on her quite popular blog. Yes, indeedy.

    • Melanie

      Of course the writer of the post is writing from her own viewpoint and with her own preference in mind! Why wouldn’t she? What, are bloggers not allowed to write from their own perspective?!

      And just to reiterate what Gogo’s already said in her response: who DOESN’T use windlight these days? Even people with dinky laptops (that was me a couple years ago!) use windlight.

      I personally think that instead of taking offense at the post, the commentary enclosed should be taken into serious consideration. This blog post was not a critique without foundation; some very good points were brought forward and a good designer will always welcome feedback that could possibly help her build a better product.

      And it should be noted, I really like the hairstyles at Analog Dog. Yes, I uncheck the full bright box, too; but I tend to wear darker colors so I’ve never come across the issues that Gogo describes with her lighter colored hair.

      P.s. The condescending tone on which you ended your comment, is quite ugly.

  6. Bell Lectar

    That’s always been a mystery for me too.
    How can anyone be able to create something beautiful and then ruin the purpose and make it full-bright?
    It’s not like they really need it to hide the flaws – if they could create the thing in first place, then surely in a few minutes of modify they can fix the flaws.
    Why do they do it so often?
    Can’t be something as silly as “I’m using this shadow-less windlight setting, and I’m going to create my things for it, and I don’t care what they look like if someone wanted to turn midnight on, because only what is on MY screen matters”, can it?

  7. Darkley Aeon

    Are there any viewers left that don’t use windlight? I was under the impression that every single avatar in world is now subject to windlight settings

    • Soulprospector

      I don’t think it’s viewer dependent as much as it is a graphics card issue. I couldn’t access windlight settings until I purchased a new system earlier this year.

  8. Ivy Krautrauch

    I have a crappy computer and very curly hair in RL. I’ve been in SL for 20 months now, and at first I adored Analog Dog for the store’s generosity and wide array of curly styles. The ubiquitous glow of their products has made me move on… maybe Gogo is a little blunt here, but she’s not saying something that I wasn’t thinking already. Most Bishwear styles don’t lock the texture to full bright, and Nikita Fride offers bright and non-bright versions in every purchase. From looking closely at the demos at Analog Dog, I didn’t even know they could be modified.

    Curly hair is rare in SL (the only TRUTH hair I own is Cyndi), and Analog Dog could be a leader in this niche if it weren’t for this issue.

  9. missy

    Perhaps a silly thing too ask but how do you use two different tattoo layers with make up for the lashes and lipgloss ?

    • Victoria MacFanatic

      you have to use sl 2 or an sl 2 based client (like kirstens viewer) they have yet to make it so you can do multi layers on a client such as phoenix, emergence, etc.

  10. Eboni

    Many content creators in SL make modest lingerie. My goal is to make lingerie that is the exact opposite of modest. You don’t need lingerie in SL for support or warmth, so if you are choosing to buy and wear it, I guess it has a certain purpose. *wink*

    • Elle Couerblanc

      You so put the huc in hucci my dear….the lingerie is lovely!

  11. Elle Couerblanc

    I have to see that horrid full bright hair all over the Gorean sims and all I have to say is STOP THE MADNESS. Yay for those out there who what to emulate their curly hair in RL but if it looks like crap why bother? In regards to the windlight question, windlight is a part of the viewer. Now mind you one can turn off certain features to be less taxing on the video card but even on lower settings full bright hair looks like CRAP. Analog dog does make some nice styles that photograph beautifully but wearibility is questionable.

    And about reds in SL, Gingers in particular, I go for Truth, Exile and Maitreya. Elikatira’s are pretty nice as well but its just a tad pinkish to me. Clawtooth has some nice gingers but since his hair isn’t very Gorean I havent had a chance to wear them often these days *le sigh*

  12. Aemeth

    I read this entry earlier today and wondered if this rule should apply to other mediums, too. So, I asked a group of SLartists if they used full bright when they mount their paintings. The majority of them do.

    Later on, I took a picture of a room featuring a painting with full bright enabled. Looking back at it, I noticed how it stood out. I have to agree it shouldn’t have been on full bright, the painting looks more realistic when it isn’t.

    I think it would be a good idea, Gogo,if you could please write an entry going over things designers should and shouldn’t do when making products. Or take a poll from readers, so we can see what customers’ pet peeves are. Sometimes there are things such as the full bright issue that we just have no clue not to do.

    • Melanie

      When it comes to things like decor (photos, paintings, plants, furniture, etc) I prefer for items to be full bright.

      I deviate from this little rule when it comes to vendors in a shop, however; I make store ads full bright to ensure everyone sees them clearly. I still sometimes wonder if perhaps I should uncheck full bright on ads, but I always tell myself it’s a store, people expect to be able to see ad info.

    • nimil

      the art that i sell in my gallery is full bright but i tend to leave the prims mod so people can turn that off if they do not like it (also lets them resize of course).. its full bright in the gallery so you can see its details better, as the gallery can be quite dark. my partner and i also do this with our store vendors, so they can be seen if people do not change their daytime settings, as our sim setting is midnight.

      in my home though, i hate for objects to be full bright, i don’t like things to glow in the dark X-x

  13. Redwine Instance

    I agree about the full bright on hair but Gogo is not like “law” of SL and more of a fanboy or girl like everyone else playing, even more so than the big time creators or perhaps are professional artists for real. There is no do or don’ts. I don’t like certain brands of things in the real world and I just don’t buy it. I don’t go around complaining about it and having my friends agree. THOUGH I DO agree with the full bright on this hair and the post someone else said about the blacks. That’s just all opinion though. I could go around too and easily find over 200 stores in one night and post on MY BLOG about how they do everything wrong. Even the big places in SL everyone likes does things wrong here and there. It’s just a game though, not my life. I don’t buy garbage and I leave it at that.

    • Gogo

      I don’t waste my time trolling the grid for bad stores to bring back to my blog, that is not my intention nor do I have time for that. I only do one or two posts per day, so my time is limited and I need to use it for stores I do like, or brands that are interesting. If I point out something I don’t like, I don’t really expect everyone to agree with me but I do think it is good feedback for the designers to consider as well. If they want to appeal to a larger number of people, offering non-full bright hair is not an unreasonable request. It’s just one less check mark.

  14. Isabelli Anatine

    I have tons of Analog Dog’s hair because I trully like the curly textures, but I made several modifications on all of them.

    My head shape its a kind of different, I always need to modify the bangs, near the ears, the neck line. I’m a redhead on sl and many of Analog dogs’s hair became red on texture (without the recolour) so its good for me.

    I understand Gogo’s request and its not a big thing… its a good sugestion indeed.

  15. Leilani Arnaz

    Full Bright looks tacky…
    I’ll just add to Gogo’s comment: I wish designers didn’t offer clothing in Full Bright options either…or they gave us the option to turn it off

  16. nimil

    thankfully this hair is mod and so the full bright can be turned off, but wow what a difference it made in the colour of the hair!

    i do wish more people would offer mod so you can turn off full bright if for some reason they really feel you need full bright on. i have really cute clothing that is ruined due to no mod full bright from back in the days before wind light was as wide spread. of course with clothing you don’t know its going to be full bright until you buy it and put it on >_< i never would have bought it had i known it was going to light me up like a beacon in the night lol

    and honestly, the wind light defense? even on my laptop, which cannot turn on wind light at all what so ever, full bright just looks bad.

  17. pheddy

    I’m a part of a group called Fashion Emergency, which happens to be frequented by Queue. She is a very nice lady, but before i realized who she was (I only knew her as a group regular, did not know she was the maker of Analog Dog) this exact topic got brought up. I commented on how I loved the hair and thought that is was some of the better flexi and curly hair in sl…except for that darn full bright. And she got quite defensive. And at this point I looked up her profile and was like …ooops haha! So it seems to me this is mostly just a strong personal preference on her part. Her more recent styles have been very nice, but I think we really need to have a full bright intervention lol.

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