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It’s my rez day!


Someone wished me a happy rez day today, otherwise I would have totally forgotten. I guess being around in SL after 4 years and still enjoying every day of it is a blessing. I really hope for more of the same, so here’s to 4 more years of being in SL — both me and Juicy sims, forever and ever and ever… til SL turns out the lights 🙂


I’ve been wearing this Indyra Originals Republica Fur Jacket for a few days now and I really like it. I had to modify it a lot though, cos some of the fur prims were FULL BRIGHT (yuck!) and sometimes SL is wonky and wouldn’t let me uncheck it. Also, this jacket is huuuge… it fits OK right out of the package but you’ll need to position it in place to fit your avatar’s frame. I also thought it was kind of ‘pricey’ to sell the same color jacket (with different colored trimmings) for $350L each. I normally don’t mention prices, but I really wanted this in White with Pink, Silver, and Gold trimmings without having to pay for a new jacket each time. It would have been a nice option! Now, I can totally understand paying twice if I wanted this jacket in Black too, but I just wanted it in White with all the trimmings available!!!!

Anyways.. that’s the endo f my rant. I guess I am spoiled by some designers who offers lots of options, and those are the ones that gets lots more love 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Gwyneth (Swedish)
LeLutka – Natashya (Hush) Makeup1
cheLLe – (blush) Everyday Blush 1
cheLLe – (mole) Mole! 2 *right eye*
Zaara – Acira dress (Jade)
Indyra Originals – Republica Fur Jacket (White/Pink)
Courtisane – Esprit de Sable (Old White)

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  1. Pixie

    Happy rez day, Gogo!

  2. Foxy

    Happy Rez Day Gogo 😀

  3. Nissa Nightfire

    Happy Rez Day, Gogo … also wishing you many more happy years in SL 🙂 You’re the best!

  4. Enid

    Happy 4th Rez Day Gogo! And many more!

  5. leilani

    Happy rez day 🙂
    T’was a lucky day for me when I found your blog!

    On your comment about creators including many colours: Bare Rose came to mind. Haven’t been there in ages but the quality is good, tons of variety and you always get many options for your $L

  6. Silena Constantine

    Happy Rez Day!

  7. Jen

    4 years strong!! Happy Rezz Day Gogo~

  8. Asia Romano

    Happy Rez Day Gogo

    I am a total fan gurl of this blog

    Here’s to 4 more x

  9. Katey

    Happy rezday!
    Totally getting that jacket!

  10. Nuno McCullough

    Happy reezday G!!!

  11. Ana Kornberg

    Hope you’ll be here for much more years than 4! heppy reezday Gogo!

  12. Joonie Jatho

    Happy Rezz day, Gogo! Hope there are many more 🙂

  13. Silena Constantine

    Happy Rez Day! And the many more to come. ^_^

  14. LisaMun Aronowicz

    Happy Rez Day Gogo!!! May you have many more wonderful years in SL!!

  15. nephania Rubanis

    Oh yay!Happy rezday!

  16. Audacious B.

    Happy Rez Day!
    A couple months ago I randomly came across your blog and couldn’t stop reading! Your pictures and fun little blurbs made me try SL, and now I can’t stop shopping! Thank you! 🙂
    Keep up the good work <3

  17. sweetdeb kips

    Happy Rez Day to you Gogo! Keep on keeping on 🙂

  18. Ireland Barrymore

    Happy Rez Day, Gogo! Thanks for everything you do to help us all look a little more gorgeous everyday! <3

  19. Jade Glazner

    Happy Rez Day 🙂

    And yeah, I agree about the trimmings being an option rather than a separate purchase. Maybe the creator didn’t know how to texture script, or didn’t think to include them in a pack together, that’s all I can think of. =/

  20. Lashy

    Yo. Ur old. Stay hawt. 😛

  21. Blaise Glendevon

    You’re looking good for your age! Happy rezday!

  22. jenn luke

    happy rez day but that jacket is over 900 prims. good luck teleporting 🙂

    • Wholelotta Ansome

      Oh come on jenn, lol. In defense of this jacket-teleporting is no more of problem than if you skip the jacket, but wear a 250 prim hair, 100 prim earring on each ear, a 150 prim necklace, 2 150 prim shoes and a 100 prim purse. Because just like the jacket parts, they all attach to different points on the body and stay within reasonable memory limits. Happy Belated Rez Day-love the reviews!

  23. Lorij

    Happy Belated Rez Day!

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