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LeLutka – Natasha Skin

LeLutka - Natasha

(picture edited with Picnik)

A little birdie told me that LeLutka will be releasing this new Natasha skin very soon (probably this weekend), so I know fellow skin addicts are just as excited as I am. I think this face is great, and the lips are similar to Lola, one of the most popular LeLutka faces. I personally like it a bit more than Mila, because the lips are smaller and the texture is just perfect.

The Natasha skins only comes in four skin tones (Pearl, Hush, Golden, Walnut) cos this is suppose to be a lighter skin (the base brow is light Brown). If you prefer darker brows, any of the brows tattoos released last week will work perfectly with it. Have you noticed that LeLutka has new skin tones? Older LeLutka skin tattoos will not match perfectly with these new tones — so you need to wear the right cleavage and brows tattoo for your skin.

Below are unedited pics of all 8 new Natasha makeups:

LeLutka - Natasha

LeLutka - Natasha

LeLutka – Natasha (Hush tone)

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This is not really related to my skin review, but I thought I would mention a quick little Gorean Public Service Announcement by Elle Couerblanc. I’m not a fan of STICKY BOOBS. Natasha doesn’t have it, thank god. Ladies, if you must wear cleavage enhancers, make sure you’re wearing a bra or some type of ‘supporting’ garment so it doesn’t look like your boobs are stuck together in an unnatural way. Please please please read the article if you need visual examples! 🙂

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  1. Elle Couerblanc

    OMG Sticky Boobies were all over the Village of Minus last night when some friends and I visited the gorean sim Treve. Goreans must stop the madness NOW!!

    • Elle Couerblanc

      and oh the skin is very pretty too!

    • Blaise Glendevon

      Think we could get linden donations to makeover roleplayers?

    • Marcia

      I agree! This kind of breasts without some bra or top that supports aren’t natural at all. And come on… in gorean times they didnt have plastic surgeries… lol

  2. Sally

    I’d love to have this skin! (but I don’t don’t don’t like the lips? :() but the rest – mm..

  3. SerinaJane

    LOL I just blogged Mila and you already have the new skin…I feel so slow lmao

    • Gogo

      It’s still new-ish! 🙂

  4. Anaca

    May I ask where the top in the first picture comes from?

  5. Jen

    Im gonna confess here to liking “sticky boobs”.
    Yepp, I outed myself. lol

    I just think it makes you look like
    ur wearing a really good bra. I dunno but the
    more gravity the better IMO.

    I like the rounded shape that it gives
    the breast, i have seen square “looking” boobs
    before with no breast enhancements.

    • Elle Couerblanc

      General though the women i see are naked though LOL

  6. Shiori Carter

    Sticky boobies , ahhahahaha, never heard that before so funny. I love sticky boobs, sorry, but i don’t even acknowledge the existance of the non cleavage skin , hahah.

    My next display name: Sticky Boobs

  7. Yoko Leeeroy

    Re Jen: I think she means when you are wearing something obviously non-supportive like silks, but your boobs still have that push up bra look.

    It’s fine in most blouses. (Imaginary demi bra anybody?)

  8. Jen

    Guess I’m not naked enough lol
    But I’d agree, when without clothes for
    a long period of time, aka Gor or Nude beach
    silks or PJ’s. By all means let the girls hang “naturally”.

  9. Jai Skytower

    where is this shape from? its awesome!

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