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Mellow Yellow


Friday has just released a very sweet new Lounge Cami set perfect for lounging around in SL. I am wearing the Yellow set, but you can easily mix-and-match these with any of the solid colors available.


I’m not wearing sculpted hands today, but I am wearing these cute new Pixel Mode Sculpted Nails (V2) in Glitter. Sculpted prim nails are a great addition to create a more realistic hand effect and get rid of “ugly” default hands. If you don’t want to take the plunge and wear a fully sculpted hand, try sculpted nails!

I was so excited when I bought these PM Glitter nails cos it includes a smaller size 10 for people with smaller hands (like me) but I really want size 15 and this pack didn’t have it. The old v2 Gloss nails that I have didn’t have size 10, so I wrote Tya Fallingbridge a notecard to see if she’d send me size 10 (since she has updated them to include size 10 as well) but she never responds to notecards. Ever. At least not to me, but some of you guys might have better luck or you’ll be out of luck if you ever want any type of customer service.

SLink feet

A couple of people said that they thought I photoshopped the joints on my sculpted hand post, so I am including a close-up of the SLink Jolie Pied (feet) that I’m wearing here to show that I do not PS my images. You can clearly see a slight ‘line’ on the joints on these feet too. SLink’s product is amazing, it really doesn’t need any extra PS “help” – but I am really flattered when people think that though, since I try to make my snapshots as nice as possible in-world so that I just have to crop ’em for use on blog posts.

What Next - Laurel

I bought a new skybox today, it is the La Maison Kaestner Je suis a Paris skybox (available on Marketplace only), and it goes perfectly well with the newest Laurel Living Room set from What Next.

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  1. Dojiba

    I have a size 0 hand and even the size 10 hands looked freakishly large on me, so prim nails haven’t been an option for me. I finally found some sculpted nails in size 0 in the Marketplace from Sexy Mamas Manicure. They fit right out of the box. 🙂

    • Gogo

      I hear ya! When I first started SL, I was considered a “small” avatar because there were lots of tall “models” with Amazon heights, but now I am actually average because so many avatars are even more petite! Soooo.. I don’t get why designers haven’t changed their design sizes to fit smaller avs? For some reason, I prefer 15 hands on my frame, but most prim nails start at 20 :X

      • Victoria MacFanatic

        Idk I like being tall in SL, I’m short irl and also sl’s size isnt as accurate as I’d like, when I’m my rl height in sl (5’3) I look like a midget or child which isnt the look I want lol. I bet if you wanted to mess with it and the nails were mod you could size them down a touch and they would fit decently but its a bit of work and I know I’d be too lazy to do it XD.

        • Gogo

          I’ve done it, but you know what? I want THEM to do it! 😛

      • Savannah

        FYI, Page 3 sells its prim nails in sizes 12, 15, 18, and 20. I love the “Pretty Hands” version, and the HUD is great, too. 🙂

  2. Blaise Glendevon

    Are the toes adjustable?

    None of my avatars have feet (hooves, paws and tails usually), but these toes seem peculiarly finger-y. Very nice foot otherwise, though.

    • Elle Couerblanc

      Those are the tippy toe feet so the toes are a bit longer. I have the flat foot version and the toes look shorter to me. Slink feet are the best I have seen thus far!

  3. CallejaFairey

    this is why i fell in love with the prim nails from *Just Me*. they are mod, so it doesn’t matter what size your hands are, you can adjust them. and, i love them even more because being mod means i can shorten them, most prim nails i have tried are just too long for my taste, even when they fit my hand perfect.

  4. Mimi

    I’m still amazed at how you adjusted the color of the feet, it’s a perfect match. I wish you ‘d come up with a tutorial 😀

  5. Sedge Weyland

    I must be really strange with my big hands avatar. XD To wear one set of prim nails, I had to bring my hand size down to 20 since that’s the highest size they had. I kind of like prim nails, though, as long as they aren’t dragon lady size. The ones you posted are short and cute.

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