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SLink – De Jolies Mains hands v1.1 update

SLink - De Jolies Mains hands v1.1 update

SLink – De Jolies Mains hands v1.1 | Flex | Straight | Curl

Siddean updated her hands cos you guys were overwhelmingly vocal about what you liked and mostly what you didn’t like! Head over to the SLink blog to read all about the updates!

Personally I felt that the texture on the hands before were already nice, but she made it “less realistic” for people who complained that they were too realistic! Uh.. who are you people?! I miss the old textures but I like the newer smaller size.

The new  prim patch really helps with making the hand/wrist joint more seamless but it’s still no easy task to match the skin tone perfectly. I played around with this a lot, but NO PS’ing here either.

SLink - De Jolies Mains hands v1.1 update

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  1. Kittyh

    Personally I think it looks better with “unrealistic” hands along with a rather unrealistic skin. Until there’re skins that looks as realistic as the former handtexture it just won’t match 🙂

  2. Faith89

    I still have a problems with resize this hand, but now a big prblem is with that new prim patch, if I make smaller hands, then that prim is not look good :/

  3. Sherry

    Guilty. Taking it far too soon into realism beats the whole point of second life. Realistic skins and hands are appreciated as artwork. But …

    For me an avatar should not be brought too close to representing your real self. Putting forth such designs and skins, sculpts etc, is eerily like a surrogates movie coming to life before your eyes.. or screen.

    Think about it? What next? Stretch marks for your avi or a roll of flab ? If you are pro realism – that much of it – then you have to ask yourself why and what is the motive behind it.

  4. Shiori Carter

    My first impression is there to stiff, i felt like a mannequin. Not sure if if sculpted hands are a good thing outside of taking pictures.

  5. Lucy

    What’s the hair you’re wearing? I love it!

    • Gogo

      Truth 🙂

  6. Ara

    I have always found it so so hard to match Slink shoes, because their HUD only offers like, 3 textures. How is the tinting on these?

  7. ----


    I do not think people have to have crazy surrogate motives behind the desire to have a slightly realistic avatar. My avatar is modelled after my RL self. She is larger, short, not the typical “SL pretty” that most people decide to be. I wanted to be able to do things as my avatar that I am unable to do in my every day life. It doesn’t mean I want to have a robotic body wander around and live my life.

    • Sherry

      To each their own I agree. Part (or maybe all) of the charm in sl is your ability to implement your own style etc. My argument however is this… to what extent should we allow our avatars to embody our true real selves… and I ask , why?
      For a person suffering a certain kind of handicap?
      Or for a woman that lacks as much confidence and wit in her real world to escape into?

      Without wanting to offend you I ask you a personal question. Why did you model your avi to look more like you? And if so, to what extent is your avatar/account anonymous and “safe” from your real life?

      • ----

        I am all for people creating whatever sort of avatar they want, but I like having a bit of myself in mine. She is not exactly like me, but she does resemble me. I don’t feel like her having the same skin tone and body type as me makes me any less anonymous in SL. I also enjoy that she has a unique body type for an SL avatar. I want other people to enjoy my shape the same way that I do. It sounds a bit awkward and selfish, but if I get a compliment on my avatar it’s a slight ego boost because she is created to be a “mini me”. When I create avatars to play I feel like they are a reflection of myself in some way, I guess.

        • Veronike D

          😉 good words

  8. Sasy Scarborough

    You did a great job matching them to your skin, they look great. Great pose choice.


  9. Ara

    Ps; What do you do to make your pics so light?

  10. Elle Couerblanc

    “Personally I felt that the texture on the hands before were already nice, but she made it “less realistic” for people who complained that they were too realistic! Uh.. who are you people?!”

    /me stands up and says “i am one of those people.” LOL

  11. Sansarya

    Looks much better, Gogo. I thought they looked “too real” with the skin you wore in the last pictures, too, so your avatar’s hands looked older than her face (does that make sense?).

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