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SLink De Jolies Mains


Sculpted hands are here! No more ugly avatar hands when you want to take fabulous close-up pics! I’ve seen previews of sculpted hands in progress from a couple of designers, but I do believe that SLink is the first to release a fully sculpted hand. These new De Jolies Mains “pretty hands” from SLink comes with 3 hand styles (flex, straight, curl) and a HUD to change nail colors, resize, turn jewelry on/off.

Zaara, SLink

I don’t Photoshop my images so if you look closely enough, you will see a slight ‘line’ where the sculpted hand and avatar arm meets. I think that with the bracelet option ‘on’ it will be unnoticeable but with it off, this line is unavoidable. I am very happy with this hand because it’s realistic and matches the SL avatar beautifully. I’m just ecstatic to have a new thing to play with in SL that enhances my avatar’s realism.

My dress is the gorgeous new Svara dress from Zaara that comes with a sexy wrapped version (worn above) and a more modest less revealing version with more fabric underneath. I really like this dress, and I could totally see it converted to a bikini if Zaara made it shorter and a pair of panties to go with it. Svara bikinis anyone?

Visit SLink
Visit Zaara

What I’m Wearing:

Maitreya – Taryn II (Platinum)
Zaara – Svara Dress (Blush)
SLink – De Jolie Mains Hands Relaxed Set 1
SLink – Tabitha Plateau Pumps

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  1. Lee

    I like them! but i’m freaked out by them! not sure why…

  2. Angelique

    These look great however I am lazy. I like Maitreya shoes as they come with preset skin tones for all leading brands of skin. Sooo until designers offer the hands/feet and sculpted toes/shoes with choices of presets, sadly i will be stuck with man hands for now:/

    • Blaise Glendevon

      I hardly ever wear the ‘leading’ brands of skin, so I’m always SOL on that front and used to bumping the sliders this way and that. What I’d love is a numerical entry RGB thing, so I could take a screencap of my skin, sample it in photoshop and type in the proper numbers to match.

      • Siddean

        Hi Blaise, all SLink feet and hands have the numerical entry option, just type /13 skin red,green,blue and substitute your numbers instead of red,green,blue. The prims have textures though, this will make the skin darker than your RGB, so your brightness will need to be adjusted once you have the colour in.

  3. KittyCat

    FUCK, I honestly almost pissed my pant when I saw your hands!! They are very well done!
    I think the fact that the avatar is becoming more and more human-like is just freaking me out – alot..

    I think the hand is a bit light for your skin, at least fingers, so it looks as if it came from a corpse (hey, beautiful one!) and was attached to the arm, though only on the close-up photos. The full-body photo looks totally stunning with the sculpted hands 🙂

  4. Isabelli Anatine

    They are really pretty, but with the meshes and the developments of avatar mesh 2.0 I will wait a bit to buy sculpted body parts.

    Meshes are already at beta grid and my guess is they are already on the corner… maybe released before xmass…

    I’ll resist and wait a bit to buy this kind of stuff

  5. Ann Launay


  6. Elle Couerblanc

    I like it, but I don’t – all at the same time.

  7. Elle Couerblanc

    Hmmm…I saw on plurk someone mentioning a hand drawn hand. I am wondering if that would work better next to our obviously airbrushed arm textures via our skins. Its a bit too morphy for me, almost too real so its bit of a disconnect when you follow the arm to the hand.

    Siddean if you read the comments here I have to say I think it’s a tremendous first effort, but why not try hand drawing the skin on the hand or do something to make it a bit more “cartoon” LOL.

  8. Ayami Imako

    Oh wow. Her feet have become a staple for me. I don’t go barefoot in SL anymore, if I don’t have shoes on its always the Jolie feet. And I’ve always avoided close up ‘headshots’ with my hands in frame because SL hands are a bit blocky (though far superior to the feet thats for sure) … so this is awesome. I will definately be picking up a pair. I wonder if she will be making them in different poses in the future? That would rock. Fists, pointing, the um .. finger display.. vulcan live long and prosper. *snorts*

  9. Siddean

    I’ve gotten a bit of feedback on the textures, all good stuff and I am planning on releasing an update soon with smoother textures to better match the smoother arms that SL skin creators make. It’s both an advantage and disadvantage to have more texture resolution for these, I’d love to keep the realistic skin texture, but SL skins will never match. I’m also going to make the hand slightly smaller in proportion to the wrist. While the current proportions are right, I think that for SL, smaller is probably better 🙂 Updates will be available!

    • Pixel Dunst

      hey Siddean, as you read this …
      the hands are great, but maybe you can use a different fingernail sculpty … they distort on zooming out very early, which makes full body shots impossible unless one goes on highest settings .. that doesn’t happen btw with your prim nails (just with the ones on the sculpted hands) … maybe you can look into it 🙂

      • Siddean

        Hi Pixel, you can resolve this on your viewer by increasing your LOD – Advanced>debug settings>type in rendervolumeLODfactor and increase the number to 3 or 4. The default setting is too low to render any sculpties properly at further away than a metre or so 🙂

  10. Vianne Bellic

    your av looks like a mannequin now!

    Like I could walk into a store and purchase the outfit your wearing -off your body- LOL

  11. Sedge Weyland

    A little too uncanny valley for me – hands are always the thing that bothers me most about CGI films, they tend to bend funny, and the fingers always look very stiff.

    I love SLink shoes, but the hands I think I will have to pass up.

  12. Unicorn Vendetta

    I’m amazed & in love with these! I actually prefer a slightly larger hand than most people seem to use in SL… I wear hand drawn skins most often in SL (FD mostly) but I can make these work I’m sure. Logging in to buy them RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  13. Cady

    gorgeous as always Gogo!!

  14. JeanGenie

    stillo trying to find the exact match for my Laq fair skin…without using the dreadfull green-red etc thing…

  15. Shopaholic

    Bought them, don’t like them due to the skin matching issues as always with LAQ skins, but the idea was nice.

  16. Jenny

    I love these, Siddean did a great job!

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