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Space Doll


I haven’t been to Tochigi CYBERCITY in awhile and so much has changed! It’s much larger than last year and still gorgeous and glowy and one of the best places to take photographs in SL. My PC really hates rendering sims (especially nice sims with lots of objects and details) so I crashed a lot while taking these photos but I got ’em! I hope you guys like my photos out of the skybox 😛

Fishy Strawberry

I went to Tochigi cos I wanted to blog the new Space Doll Dress from Fishy Strawberry (at Euphoria). I may have worn these with some pumps but when I tried on the GTFO Boots from Gos, they went perfectly well together. This dress short and sexy, maybe a little too short but that’s the appeal to me. I noticed that the prim skirt attachment didn’t blend seamlessly (you can see it in my pics) but it’s something that’s acceptable, it’s not too obvious.


Here’s a close-up of the GTFO Boots! Every part of this shoe can be colored via a menu.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Madeline (Espresso)
Unique Megastore – Kristten 01 by Nany Merlin (sexy breasts)
Fishy Strawberry – Space Doll Dress (Turquoise)
Gos – GTFO Boots

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  1. Ann Launay

    I maintain my “If it doesn’t cover your ass, it’s a tunic, not a dress” stance. :-p

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