Depth of Field

Depth of Field test shot on Juicy

A couple of days ago, I was playing around with the new Depth of Field feature available in the Project Viewer: Mesh (beta) and I really really really love it. It is automatically enabled if you download the right client – I followed Melanie’s Depth of Field tutorial, so check it out if you want to play around with DoF. This tutorial is for SL viewers not TPVs (Third Party Viewers); I always prefer to use the SL clients whenever possible cos more people use it.

Depth of Field test shot on Juicy

These pics are kinda fuzzy cos I forgot to turn my image quality slider to high (oops!) – but you can see the background is blurred, that’s all from SL with no Photoshopping. I looove shiny new features to play with, thank you Lindens!

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