mon tissu

mon tissu is a collaboration between Emma Gilmour (Surf Co) & Juliette Westerburg (Tres Blah), but you’ll know them as Elie Spot and Anouk Spot under this new brand.

I had the pleasure of visiting the new Lula sim a few days ago, and it is very beautiful, exactly like you would expect from a sim with a pretty name. I loved the small French village feel with colorful buildings surrounded by the lush Green countryside.

Here are some basic pieces you’ll find from mon tissu; they can be mixed-and-match easily and they’re incredibly girlie and casual. I predict that I’ll wear these jeans often, as they go with everything and there’s plenty of frilly tops to choose from at mon tissu.

mon tissu

1. mon tissu – Party Dress (Hunter)

2. mon tissu – Denim 1929 Cigarette (Light Gray)
mon tissu – So Boho Blouse (Pink)

3. mon tissu – Denim 1929 Cigarette (Original)
mon tissu – Prudence Gardigan (Yellow)
mon tissu – Provence Riding Boots (Chestnut)

mon tissu

4. mon tissu – Denim 1929 Cigarette (Ink)
mon tissu – Joli Beaded Tunic (Light Gray)
mon tissu – Provence Riding Boots (Gray)

5. mon tissu – Park Avenue Top (White)
mon tissue – Pretty Pleats SKirt (Sepia)
mon tissu – Provence Riding Boots (Chestnut)
mon tissu – Wool-Lined Deerstalker (Brown)

mon tissu

mon tissu – Provence Riding Boots (All 6 colors) includes alpha & invisiprim version

I can’t wait to put together an outfit and try to do some fashion shots on Lula (if I can get in, I hear the sim is incredibly busy right now).

Visit mon tissu (according to Google translator, this means “my fabric”)

Hair worn in this post: Exile – Carol (Harlow) and Exile – Hannah (Harlow)

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  1. Ooo I want it all.!! I loved them both before, but now I’m super excited to have both in one!

  2. Aaah Gogo, your such a good resource (Can a person be a resource, yes they can!)
    I would never have found mon tissu on my own, and this is -exactly- my style in clothing!
    Your a Hero, Gogo, for being my go-to for shopping places in SL!

  3. I have the impression (but maybe it’s just me because I’m french) that more and more designers chose French to name their brand. Maybe it sounds romantic! 😛
    I have to see how look this french village!
    Anyway, outfits and boots are cool! It seems that my inventory will go over 10,000 items faster than I expect lol

  4. Been loving this store for a couple days, I’ve hardly taken off the jeans and peasant blouse =]

  5. Aigloune, Non-french people often associate French with high fashion and yes, it sounds romantic to us =).

    This stuff is so feminine and stylish. I love the boots especially. I’m off to mon tissu!

  6. How do they cope with three brands each (counting Armidi, if that’s still even a going concern)? Three popular brands at that. Each on a different avatar! Blimey!

    Those boots are amazing, by the way.

  7. I bought about one of everything on that sim.

    But! I was there wearing my KZK Husky avatar, and some crazy woman started shouting that I was a fat dog. Tell me, Gogo. Does this look like a fat dog to you?

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