Wilma’s skybox

Wilma's skybox

Wilma’s skybox! This is so cozy and adorable. I have the same skybox but I’m out of prims ~ so here I am squatting her sim instead. Don’t you want to live here?

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  1. Hey, I love your blog and read it in spite of being fashion-challenged. (And it does help a lot!)
    But my question is…. What should I get my fashionista BFF for Christmas? O.o Obviously not expecting an answer, since everyone reads your blog and it’s a question out of nowhere… but I’m at a loss. *crosses fingers and hopes for Gogo’s picks for Christmas presents.* Thanks in advance, and thank you for running an awesome blog!

    • Albero is having a dollar fair for the holiday’s (as in one RL dollar USD, or about 260L). But there are things cheaper (its 260L or less, I seen a lot around the 100’s) And Most if not all is transfer. IF your friend is a big shopper, take her around and let her browse (if she isnt the see it and have to buy it type, if she is perv it alone then take her with you). Ok, lets pretend she isnt the see and buy it type. Let her look around, and when she see’s something she loves and goes “hmm, maybe I should get it, what do you think”, down play it, say eh you can come back later etc, and when she’s looking off, sneak and buy it (I even seen some gift boxes *free I think or cheap*). And get her 1 to 2 things depending on your budget. Theres sooo many stores there that she’s bound to like atleast 1 thing. Hope I helped, oohhh and also might sound less personal or clever or whatever but IMO I love gift cards, so if you know her fav store(s), get a giftcard thats good for atleast one hair or outfit (so 200 to 300L is usually good unless its a high dollar store and 200 or 300L would be like a discount card :s).

      SLURL to Albero : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hyssop/108/218/60

  2. That’s adorable!

    You know, Doctor Austin has the DAPCI PLUS Zero Prim Rezzer (marketplace) that’s -really- good and easy to use. The best one I’ve used anyway. Maybe try using it on some objects to free up enough prims for the skybox?

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