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5 tattoo layers is not enough! I thought five was plenty when this first came out, but sadly, I’ve already used all 5 on my face and I probably could add more if there were more slots available.

My base skin is the LeLutka Natasha (Hush) Makeup4 — then I added:

cheLLe – (blush) Everyday Blush 3
Curio – GP Petal (Light) Ice Queen – Lips 1
Bella di Notte – Freckles Tattoo Layer
cheLLe – (mole) Mole! 2 *right eye*
Mozz – Aegyo (Teeth) Light skintones

This is the order that they’re worn in; the freckles shows better if worn over the blush and teeth layer should go on top of lipgloss (lipstick) layer.

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  1. Yes, that’s really annoying. Finally Lindens give us something new and then they restrict it again at the same time.

  2. erm how did you add 5!!!!!!!!!!! tattoooos? i am too dumb i guess X.x i just can wear 1!

    • Open your inventory, and find the tattoo layer you want to wear, right click on it and select -> ADD. Repeat this five times.

  3. lawd knows i need more than 5 layer options. i use all 5 on a daily basis and still wish for at least 5 more

  4. I’m on Phoenix and DYING for more than one tatt layer! it’s amazing how it can change a skin so much, Natasha (for instance) can look a little flat, but with tattoo layers it makes the skin pop. Love it! i may need to DL viewer 2 to satisfy my need to get layered 😉

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