Winter Doll

LeLutka, Hucci

I loooove the new Anzhelina hat and Irinushka bolero from LeLutka. I saw someone wearing this and knew I had to have it! I’m normally not a hat girl cos I don’t like fitting hair under ’em but this hat is huge and fluffy! Lots of hairstyles will fit under here with minimal adjustments.

Hucci released a gorgeous new Naomi Dress with a sculpted prim top attachment that fits so well. My boobs are size 60, and I didn’t have to stretch this at all (I just moved it around a bit). I’m so happy one of the new SLink Blair boots (in Navy) matches perfectly with the Naomi Dress (in Klein Blue).

SLink - Blair Boots

The SLink Blair boots comes in 8 colors and includes a HUD to resize, turn invisiprims on/off, and turn the socks on/off.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Bethany (Harlow)
LeLutka – Natasha (Hush) – Makeup4
Hucci – Naomi Dress (Klein Blue)
LeLutka – Anzhelina hat/arctic
LeLutka – Irinushka bolero/arctic
SLink – Blair Boots (Red)

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  1. Lelutka’s whole new line is just ridiculously awesome. I think I bought pretty much one of everything last night, and yes I particularly love the bolero. ^^

  2. WOW! Everything looks so awesome!
    I’ve seen that hat sculpt around but never maxi size, its so cool huge!

  3. The Blair Boots are cool. I just wish the sock-part would be on color change to make them wearable with black stockings or socks. And the default size is so small that i had to enlarge them to allowed maximum to make them half-way look proportional to a quite bulky winter-outfit.

  4. I bought those boots because they look so nice… But Even at max size I can’t fit them to my leg… It leaves bits of leg sticking through the boots and looks bad… I didn’t think I had legs that were so big until these boots… x.X

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