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Curio – Ice Queen

Exciting skin news!! Curio is releasing the Ice Queen skin and it has tattoo layer brows and lipstick colors! I think this is the first set of tattoo makeups from Curio and it’s definitely much anticipated cos I think Gala Phoenix does some of the best makeups in SL!

The new Ice Queen skins has 6 makeups (2 versions each) and Light/Dark version for each skin tone:

Curio - Ice Queen

There are 6 tattoo lipsticks; these are so very glossy!

Curio - Ice Queen (tattoo lipstick)

I think this skin is gorgeous but for some reason the nose doesn’t look quite right on me. I’m not sure if it’s my shape or cos I use shadows, but I think the nostril area doesn’t fit well on the avatar’s mesh (see the image below). Is it just me? Does the nostril look strange to anyone else? Try this skin and let me know what your thoughts are!

Curio - Ice Queen

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What I’m Wearing:

Magika – Josie (Blonde)
Urbanity – Buttoned (White)

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  1. Aemeth

    Are the lipsticks sold by themselves? I tend to collect those from everywhere.

    • Veronike D

      @Aemeth…the Tattoo Lips are and “Add-on” to the FAT-PaCK…and comes in 2 ways “light and dark”, so in total n.6 tattoox2type…aaaaand also the brows…”light and dark” Blonde & Black…^;^

  2. Vianne

    I think noses in SL are generally fail. We don’t have the ability to modify the logical things (like how high it sits up on the face) or the minute things (like angle of the nostrils flare)

    I think in that shape/look your nose is a little piggy/upturned, but otherwise, if you’d not pointed it out, I wouldn’t have noticed/thought about it!
    As always, Curio’s skins are win!

  3. Ann Launay

    I don’t have shadows enabled and the nose shading doesn’t work with my shape either. I’ve never had that issue with Curio skins before.

  4. Yoko Leeeroy

    I have a few skins that do that. Your nose is not very bulbous. sometimes messing with that and nostril width and nose width even it out. I love the glossy lips soooo much. I love my own, but I may have to snag that set because she is the GODDESS of lips!

  5. Sedge Weyland

    Not just you. definitely sits weird on my face, and I’ve got one of the wider girl noses in SL.

    Didn’t see a way to get the lips outside of the fatpack.

  6. Iris

    Nope i do not have this nose problems at all.. even with shadings. So where are the makeups? They arent included like your post seems to say.

  7. Leilani

    Those lips are to die for 😀
    I love Gala…been buying her skins since…06/07

  8. Aemeth

    I went to see if I could get the lipsticks on their own and I couldn’t… but yeah I don’t like the nose either. The lips are very pretty though!

  9. Savannah

    @ Iris
    The lips are included with the purchase but are not in the demo.

  10. suri

    I completely agree with the nose and this skin, I find it to be akward on my shape. I generally don’t have issues with skins, but modification is necessary. Also though I love curio, I have found that her darkest skin tone looks a little ashy, but maybe with the newest icequeen release things have changed a bit in the tone. All that being said, I do love her attention to detail, makeups, yum glossiness, etc.

    • Sydd Sinister

      i agree about the darkest tone and well its not the right dark for me

  11. Vixen Thibedeau

    It does the same thing to me, and I’ve worn Curio skins most of my SLife (though lately I’ve been stuck on Lara Hurley – shhh, don’t tell). : )

    But I’m really glad you brought this flaw to my attention before I went and bought the fatpack. Thank you!!!

  12. Paris Honi

    I tried the skin today and I do have the nose problem… without enabling shadows.. I’m usually on Medium if not taking any pictures.. and it’s very clear even without zooming it. Alas I didn’t get it cuz of that…

  13. Veronike D

    the Tattoo Lips Make up are and “Add-on” to the FAT-PaCK…and comes in 2 ways “light and dark”, so in total n.6 Make up Light and Dark …and the brows…”light and dark” Blonde & Black…are also in skin “stand alone” tone.

  14. Mira Bellflower

    Your not the only one experiencing problems with the curio skins but then i’ve always had this issue, i’m not sure if it’s cause my noise is overly small or it’s just the skins don’t sit right but i have the same problem with all the curio skins. Well all except Yum, that nose sits really well on my shape.

  15. Graelwyn

    I tried and tried to get into the Curio skins, and have bought quite a few, but in the end, there is just something about them I cannot get on with, ironically, probably the shape of most of the lips aren’t appealing to me. I am now wearing a rather new, but amazing skin brand called moJo which were apparently 2 years in development. I hope, hope, hope I have finally found a skin I can settle on as I have spent my years in sl searching for my ‘perfect’ skin…that is, perfect in the sense of a face and a texture I adore when I look at myself.

  16. Victoria MacFanatic

    meow! I’m so going to get a demo, I love curio (my besties fav skins) but never on myself (if that makes sense) I did like their new skin Yum, it fit my shape really well. And omg, those lips are so sexy and kissable :D. I guess the flaw might be a thing on some shapes (hope not mine lol) but I can deal with a few flaws if most of the skin is fantastic. And the face, eyes, and lips are delicious. Must demo >.>

  17. AlessK

    I’m not having the nose problem. I understand that there is an SL issue that can cause little “gaps” between skins and mesh in the nose area. It’s a bug that has existed for a long time I guess, and some skins may show a flaw more than others. If I zoom waaaayyyyy close to my nose, I see a very subtle shadow in the area you’ve highlighted, but it is not really visible at more standard distances. Shape probably is a factor as well.

  18. Chamomile Theas

    @ Graelyn… the moJo skins are pretty nice, but I’m not big on the skin tones and the brows seem very heavy. But good luck with your quest for a skin with the enduring “YUM” factor. It’s all a matter of personal taste of course (and mine has a nasty habit of changing as soon as I start to get settled), but I think Gala was already making lovely glowy, fresh looking skins in the very early days. I remember hoarding all her first gen skins when prices were being reduced as she worked on the new ones. I have a feeling we are about to see a swag of glossy lips around the grid. Lip tatts just keep on getting better 🙂

    • Graelwyn

      Oh, that is strange, are you sure you tried on the newest, alba 3 on ? The old ones had very thick brows that I couldn’t wear, but on me, the new ones have very thin brows, albeit dark, and a lot more skin tones ranging from very pale to very dark. I am quite fussy myself about skin tone and had no problems with the selection. How odd.

      • Chamomile Theas

        Yup, it was Alba and this is just for my taste (which may well be odd, I confess)
        Brows (and nostrils) are very dark and the eye makeup excessively heavy even on the natural/nude version and to me, the skin tones are slightly sallow and with odd exaggerated shading on the arms especially. Also the knuckles and palms of the hand seem “overdone” to me. Oh, sorry, also the abdomen and ribcage shading looks very strange to my eye.

        • Graelwyn

          Well, to each their own…good luck finding a skin that you find nothing wrong with… I fear it may be quite a challenge, especially if one notices such things as very few people would even notice or care about in a pixel image, lol. Fortunately, although picky about my skins, I am not quite so anal about every little detail of every body part. 🙂

          • Chamomile Theas

            *chuckles*… oh yeah, if only SL offered middle names, “anal” would be mine! Merry Christmas!!

  19. Sansarya

    Don’t like the glossy lips, rl or SL. They make me think someone just had a greasy old pork chop, lol.

  20. Minxie

    Are the lips in the single packs?

    • Iris

      They arent

  21. Rocio Resident

    Si! la sombra de la nariz, es mas pequeña que la malla y por mas que traté de arreglarla modificando el shape, el borde de la nariz en el dibujo de la skin, no cambia de lugar…
    Me encantan los labios!
    Quiero esta skin para mí, ojalá curio lo pueda solucionar y hacer una nueva entrega con el detalle arreglado.

  22. Newdoll

    I don’t have an issue with the nose on the gala skins, maybe i’m just blessed that her skins fit me perfectly – my shape is based on an old shape you made about 3 years ago – it was either Darling or Misha, I can’t remember which, I have modded it quite a lot but I’m pretty certain I haven’t touched my nose.

    I did a post just a few days ago using the new Ice Queen skins and definitely don’t have the issue you’ve pointed out with yours, I know that there are a lot of factors that affect the shading (on all parts of your Avatar, not just the nose) some are to do with your shape but other factors that may affect it would be your light settings (I use Phoenix viewer on Ultra settings with a customised lighting setting that gives me a really nice ‘clean’ light)

    I don’t tend to use shadows a lot because up until now my monitor couldn’t handle them very well. Another thing that may have a lot to do with it is your graphics card too.


  23. calamity

    I just bought this set and have the same problem with the nose. I love the Ice Queen skins but the nose really needs to be blended better. Hopefully, Curio will offer an updated set to those of us who have purchased them.

  24. Willis

    I have an issue with the nose too, which isn’t like me, Gala normally fits me like a GLOVE. But yeah, the shading is way off, someone said probably to make the nose look slimmer, but that would be the shading on the bridge, I assume or you know… done by sliders 😛

    I fatpacked but I don’t know realisticly if I can wear it without being driven insane 🙁

  25. Mairead Fitzgerald

    I’m a Lara Hurley Skin addict but I ALWAYS try out Gala’s new releases and I do buy them though I end up not wearing them after a day. (sigh) Lara spoiled me totally. BUT anyhoo, on this latest offering at Curio – I too see I have this nose flaw – not only on the sides but a light stripe across the top of the bulb (?) of the nose.

    I’ve never had this problem before and I am wearing the same shape I have worn for almost 4 years now from Alady. And prior to Lara Hurley Skin I wore Gala 99% of the time so that puts me in about 34 months of Gala with no nose job problems. I would imagine she is getting IM’d and notecarded about this.

    I adore those lips but no way I am buying a fatpack to get them since I can’t purchase a single skin anyways as it sits. The brows are also quite nice. Actually fit nicely over my Lara. 😀

  26. Hayls

    Nose are good for me, i think its about the windlight setting too.

    The skin is uber pretty and i think this pack has the best set of makeups. They arent that colorful but each are a perfect match of lips and eyeshadows. Before, i had hard times to pick from her skins cuz i rarely found one that had both the lips and eyeshadow i liked but these… just perfect.

  27. Jayde

    Same here; love the lips but I have the exact same shadow/shading issue with the nose. I’m using the standard SL viewer *without* shadows.

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