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Dutch Touch – Fay

Dutch Touch - Fay (Peach)

Dutch Touch has 3 new skins out and a couple of makeup sets for each skin. I tried them on and settled on this newest Fay face, cos I liked the tattoo lipstick choices and I think the brows are just perfect.

I like that Dutch Touch has just one Basic skin for each face, and sells tattoo makeup packs as add-ons. I hope more skin designers considers selling skins this way, to offer customers more customization and also — the base skin was reasonable priced at $1250L and the lipsticks were $450-$500L per pack. These lipsticks will also work on some other skins in SL (there’s no demo), so you’ll have to take a chance if you want to wear it with a skin other than Dutch Touch.

Dutch Touch - Fay (Peach)

Dutch Touch - Fay (Peach)

Although I’m wearing Blonde hair here, I think Fay (along with many of DT skins) is more suited for a light Brown to dark Brown hair color. The brows options only includes Brown and Dark brows, but plenty of hair bases (on tattoo layer) to choose from! It’s too bad I don’t really wear hair base, ever, but I want to try…. maybe next year?

One of my gripes about this skin is the dark nostrils. When I saw the preview picture on Flickr, I thought that it looked too dark — and especially more prominent on lighter skin tones.

Dutch Touch - Fay (Peach)

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I’m wearing the new Rhapsody Tunic from Friday; I just love the skinny lil belt! I’m suppose to be cleaning my inventory but I think it just went up a few hundred items 😀

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Lanie (Swedish)
Dutch Touch – Fay (Peach) Basic CL2 EBR
Friday – Rhapsody Tunic (Winter Song)
Armidi – Grace Jeans (Faded Chic)

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  1. Annie

    I think it’s a beautiful skin, the nose, shading and brows are some of the best I’ve seen but the corners of the mouth stand out to me as being far too dark, almost like holes — that would be the only thing holding me back from such a lovely skin.

  2. Delila

    I liked Fay the best as well, and I have a shape really suited to DT skins. I bought Fay, but switched back to my older River skin after a few hours, because I just don’t like the lips as much. But I’m glad she’s gotten some new stuff out – and I wish Tekla came in a lighter skin tone.

  3. Elle Couerblanc

    These lips look smaller than her normal releases…I need to go demo!

  4. Cherry

    after demoing, my fave is tekla but i would need a lighter tone. the only thing i do not like on these skins are the ears, and i would have loved brow options – then i could have become a customer 🙂

  5. Ing

    loved the skin, I’ll try a demo. grate lashes you have btw, where are they from?

  6. Ara

    That skin looks great on you. Now I’m gonna have to try it 😛

  7. Mairead Fitzgerald

    ewww GoGo get get get away from those eyes hun. *Looks like pools of mop water. 0.0 (*caveat – IMHO)

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