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elefantu Winter Skybox 2010


Are the holidays creeping up on you too fast? Check out this fully furnished elefantu Winter Skybox 2010, which comes with everything picture and takes 2 seconds to rez (drag the coalesced object from your inventory… and you’re done)!

This skybox is a Limited Edition item (only 44 copies sold) and is 529 prims fully furnished. It even includes the scenery outside!! I love that!


What I did notice was there were some local lights in this skybox that I couldn’t turn off (everything is no modify). It does cast a nice warm glow but if you don’t like local lights on all the time… you’re kind of stuck with it.



The trains are scripted to move along the tracks around the Christmas tree; how adorable is this?

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  1. colleen Criss

    This link takes me to an empty store?

    • Gogo

      Try Gin Galtier’s profile!

  2. Mairead Fitzgerald

    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Merry!

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